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Hi Ken, all is well as can be this side of the pond sir. I have used the new stropping wheel both wet and dry, but i prefer dry. The blade seems to glide beautifully and smooth  across the  wheel for perfect deburring.sometimes some knives just need a touch up as opposed to a grind/sharpen and this new stropping wheel is perfect for it. I am  over the mood with it.
ive preffered the blackstone for the business i have, most knives are middle of the road rockwell hardness and dont need too fine an edge, blackstone I find quicker and with the new stropping wheel I can make the edge super fine.
All the best Ken.
Stay well sir.
I just replaced my trusty standard tormek leather stropping wheel with the ne CW - 220 composite stropping wheel.
I love it. Its so smooth and does a great job after the sharpening on the blackstone. I highly recommend it.
What are your experiences  and any tips on this new stropping wheel.
thanks Even, I definitely prefer the DF wheel, even though it takes longer. I so much prefer the edge it gives along with my customers.
Ref my own knives I experimented with, they are still amazingly sharp and holding the edge really well.
Bob The Knife Grinder
I have been using my new DF wheel for a week now.
Perfect result.
Super fine and sharp edge.
those are the positives.
It takes me twice the time to sharpen than on the SB250 ( best all rounder so far. )
I find there is a lot of water on the bench when using the DF wheel, Can you give me help on this??

Love the DF wheel results but dislike that it takes twice a long, money and time is important to me as a business.
appreciate any comments and help/advice.
you know me Ken, cant get enough wheels, Haha. Just received my fine diamond wheel and look forward to my sharpening next week. I will update you when I have had a day on it sir.
Haha. nice one sir.
Well. I just received and used my DC250. Not bad at all. But, I should have listened to you sir. There is a bit too much of a burr for my liking. However, it will be a good wheel for knives with problems.
I have today ordered the DF250. This, I am now sure, will put an amazing edge on the knives, with it being 1000 grit.
I will update soon.
The Knife Grinder
that should have read
Time to change my keyboard, or maybe my fingers.:]
Even, I hope you are right sir. I have just ordered the DC250  - 360 grit. I will keep you and my mate Ken in the loop and let you know how it goes.
As a historic thing, I have always preferred the SB25 to the SG250..
I reckon this DC250 will be an upgrade.
Bob the knife grinder.
so, for chefs knives, should I get the DC 250   ----   OR    ----  DF250 ???
cheers ken, will do.
I think I am going to try the DC 250, as the T2 carries the same grit as the DF 250 - is that right Ken??
still confused as to which diamond wheel to use for knife sharpening on the T7 Ken.
Hi Ken. Nice to touch base again with you and the forum.
I already have the T2 with the DWF- 200 wheel. I find that too fine for most knives. What would you recommend for the T7 on a slightly courser grade on the diamond wheel.?
For knife sharpening.
Hi again. its been a while.
Can you please advise me on the best abrasive on the DC-250 wheel or finer for chefs knives.?
This is also to include some very old knives that will need re-edged????
I just put the T2 wheel on to my T7, I am now complete. WOW -- what a Flipping great result, razor sharp. So, when the DF 250 comes out, which is just a bigger version of the T2 wheel in the same diamond grit, I will be getting it. There is still good use of the SJ250 which I will always have, but as a knife grinder with specialist chefs to satisfy, this new wheel is just what I need.