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I just replaced my trusty standard tormek leather stropping wheel with the ne CW - 220 composite stropping wheel.
I love it. Its so smooth and does a great job after the sharpening on the blackstone. I highly recommend it.
What are your experiences  and any tips on this new stropping wheel.
Hi again. its been a while.
Can you please advise me on the best abrasive on the DC-250 wheel or finer for chefs knives.?
This is also to include some very old knives that will need re-edged????
Knife Sharpening / new diamond wheels D.F. 250
May 25, 2018, 10:10:14 PM
Hi, Has anyone used the new diamond wheel D.F. 250 for the T7 and the T8 on knife sharpening yet?
I would love to hear your comments.
( The Knife Grinder )
General Tormek Questions / chisel sharpening
February 02, 2017, 11:37:43 PM
As you know, I am a knife sharpener and not a chisel sharpener.
a few years ago, when I got my T7, I had a customer who asked if I can sharpen chisels. I was at this time proficient with the T7 on knives professionally.  I thought I could add an extra string to my bow by sharpening chisels too. So, I looked at the videos for the Tormek T7 for sharpening a chisel. I thought I did a great job. Until the builder told me that I had not added an extra bevel from the main edge that the Tormek had made.
( Why did the video not do or show this )
Consequently, I have been turning away chisel work. 
The Video shows that you just need to sharpen one angle and not to put a second edge at a slightly higher angle.
I have asked builders and some woodworkers if the chisel should have one angle and one edge or one angle and 2 edges. They all said the chisel should have a one angle and a small bevel on the end of the chisel. 
Can I ask why all the tormek training videos do not tell you this???
Happy New Year to you all.
So, Ken and all other gurus, I need to ask you this question.

What is the best cbn grit to use for --- Knife Sharpening ?
I know that many wood turners are happy using lots of low grits. The standard advertised is a 600 grit wheel.
I need to know which is the fastest to sharpen a knife.
Is it faster the lower grit you go?
Is it faster the higher grit you go. I.E. 600 grit.
This I ask for my slow grinder, the Tormek T7.

I look forward to all your replies.
( The Knife Grinder )
Here I go again.
I have been looking at the T2 video again. I am in no way disputing what many of our top members have said about putting the T2 jig on to a T7 or a T4. But, the way i can see it, please tell me if I am wrong, we should be ok putting the T2 jig on to the T7 or T4 with a C.B.N. wheel that fits the above machines.
What do you think?
General Tormek Questions / 4 stroke quiet generators
December 12, 2016, 09:47:40 PM
Great feedback on batteries of late.
What are your thoughts on 4 stroke generators to run my tormek and other sharpening machines?
Here I go again, ( Churning up a storm )
I look forward to the replies.
F.Y.I. it is to run in U.K. 230 to 240 volts.
Knife Sharpening / power from the van to the machine
December 01, 2016, 12:40:59 AM
Hi, I need Robin B. from Bath to reply to this one. What battery or generator do you use in your mobile van. I am having so many problems between the type of battery I use to the type of inverter I use. Should I use a petrol or gas generator instead????
Can you please help Robin????
What is the best battery ( probably leisure battery ) to run the T7. 230 volts or 240v not sure,  I think about 1.63 amps ?
I also have other machines which run at 240 volts around 375 w 1.56 amps
and a machine that runs at 240 volts  200w  0.83  amps.
what is the best kind of battery and inverter with split charger from alternator to run these from my fiat doblo van?
I look forward to all the help I can get.
Maybe Robin can help me on this one.
Robin, what do you use in your vans to power the machines?

The Knife Grinder.
General Tormek Questions / tormek T2
November 19, 2016, 12:23:56 AM
hi guys, any new info on the T2 knife sharpener by our great people at Tormek???
General Tormek Questions / tormek T2 DWF 200
September 03, 2016, 11:29:12 PM
Hi Ken,
Quick question, the Tormek T2 looks perfect for my Knife sharpening business, only, when will it be available in the UK?
Also where can I get an English video or written  instructional on this great new product.
I will always have my T7 and will use it for many jobs, however, this new T2 would be an asset to the collection of the other 3 machines I have.
Hope you are well Ken and I look forward to your reply mate.

Bob The Knife Grinder
General Tormek Questions / new wheel
April 27, 2016, 08:56:46 PM
Hello again my Friends,
I have just put a new wheel on my Tormek T7 and I have noticed that, although it is a SB250,  that the wheel diameter fixed gage on the tormek  --- reads 245
Should I set my angle master at 245 or 250?
I eagerly await your replies.
Probably will be Ken S. first. ( hopefully )
General Tormek Questions / the SB-Blackstone
April 20, 2016, 04:41:42 PM
Hi, Ken
I need to buy within the next hour.
Has anyone of you good people have any advice before I click on the buy button?
Look forward to your views.
Hi Guys,
Its Bob The Knife Grinder.
I have a question. After a year on this amazing machine I have come to the time to re-new my grinding wheel.
Most of the work is Chefs carving knives and utility knives. Should I renew the wheel with the SG-250.
Should I try the SB-250 Blackstone. ?  I am thinking that the Blackstone may be a bit quicker for the carving knives that are being cut through meat on to a steel surface, as opposed to being used on a board.
What do you think?
I have both these stones of which I purchased for a reasonable price ( slightly used ) from ebay.
However, they are for the Tormek T3. ( oops )
Can I use these on my T7 ???
Many replies there.
Thank you all for the comments.
Yes I am still not sure which stone. So many things to consider.
I think as ken says " I should go to see Robin in Bath " and do the training school. Thanks Ken, I know you are right, But I need to save up.
I will keep you all informed as to when I get there and my results.
Which I know will be bril.
Til the next post.
Bob The Knife Grinder.
Its Bob The Knife Grinder again.
Also, what about the Japanese water stone? Would that be any better for knife sharpening.???
Come on all you Gurus!! Tell me what is best for my knife sharpening business.
What are your experiences with the various stones/wheels.
I would appreciate your feedback.
Cheers again.
Knife Sharpening / The Black Stone.
June 17, 2015, 09:48:23 PM
Its Bob The Knife Grinder.
Would the Black Stone be any quicker sharpening the carving knives or any knives for that matter, than the original stone. ?
any knife sharpeners out there able to help?
Knife Sharpening / Carving knives
June 17, 2015, 09:35:11 PM
Its Bob The Knife Grinder again.
Just got through sharpening 22 carving knives with my T7. 3rd time doing these knives with the T7. I have now got them to a stage where I am able to successfully achieve the thumb nail test and paper cut test. I think I have eventually ARRIVED.
Never had a problem getting utility knives to the Thumb Nail Test with the T7, however have had to perceiver with carving knives.
Tonight I got there. It even passed the shaving hair off my arm test.
So if there are any of you out there that are not quite happy with your results, PLEASE PLEASE, keep trying, keep adjusting and experimenting and it will come.
Better still, find yourself a place that teaches you how to use a Tormek. They are out there. I should have gone to the one in U.K. in Bath I think it is. I will get down there one day, but I am doing this back to front dont you think. I would recommend you go to the school first, then get the experience as opposed to the reverse way I have done it.
Happy Sharpening.
Bob The Knife Grinder.   
Knife Sharpening / Cubic Boron Nitride -- C.B.N.
June 14, 2015, 09:06:08 PM
Jesus what have I done. Opened a can of worms here. Sorry.
Let me start by saying " I love my Tormek T7 and the standard wheel ".
One of my other machines I have used for 10 years is By and english company called
The machine is for knife sharpening only and the 2 i use is first and mainly the , with a 126 grit,  the other is a smaller version, theWith a 107 grit and slightly slower revolutions.
They both use C.B.N. coated wheels. However, I only get to sharpen about 200 knives before they need re-plating at a cost of £175 sterling. It lasts me a month. as opposed to the advertised " over 2000 knives before needing replaced or re-plated. THAT IS THE REALITY from my experience.
My question is "is that because the machines I have turn very fast and wear quickly because of it?
Would a C.B.N. coated wheel for the T7 , turning slower last longer?
Yes they are both fast. I will spend a third of time less on these machines than on the T7 for the same amount of knives, but the replacement cost is high and often.

In reply to some questions.
There are no sparks.
You definitely dont need the water trough.
Although a magnet would be handy to collect steel particles coming off the blades. The machines have a magnet built in.
I have used these machines withought the front guard on and just wiped the area away of steel particles.
I would need to try out the C.B.N. wheel for the Tormek T7 to see how it compares. I would be willing to throw some money at it to see if it works. However, at the moment I am more than happy as a Knife Grinding Business using my Tormek T7 and investing more of my time, than using my old machine by with C.B.N. wheels to do them quickly.
I would say that I use my Tormek 70 percent of the time now and my C.B.N. interlocking wheels on the  about 30 percent.
I am open to try the C.B.N. wheel on the tormek.
I will see how much it costs and try it out.
Remember, I am NOT a woodturner or a professional sharpener. I am purely a Knife Sharpener. ( Although I do a few other easy bits, ie axes chisels, scissors etc. )
Thanks for reading.
Cheers .
I love my Tormek T7