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Knife Sharpening / Re: Measurement Jigs for Usb h...
Last post by Perra - Today at 10:35:33 AM
Glad you liked them.
You can compensate for  a small measurement errors due to the height of the grinding wheel between the legs. Measurement error for wheel diameter 250 is 0.144mm and for wheel dia 214 it is 0.168mm.
Recommends adjusting the position of the caliper by 0.156mm.
You can read more about it and se more pictures in you follow the link and download Angle Calculator Lite V1.4
I'm late to the party, but I would have recommended skipping the 400 and 1200 and instead (or in addition, since you're wheel binging  ;D ), get something the 160-200 grit range. I have a 160, 400, and 1000, in addition to the SG and SJ wheels.  The 160 is great for fixing big chips and reprofiling.
Knife Sharpening / Re: Measurement Jigs for Usb h...
Last post by TireguyfromMA - Today at 05:29:08 AM
Perra, both jigs are pretty sharp, cheap pun, but I really like the jig you came up with to measure from the top of the USB to the wheel.  Making those slots helps locate it on the radius of the wheel. I wonder how much of the radius of the wheel will protrude into that slot opening though?  You might be losing that 0.1mm accuracy your looking for?  Have you tried making comparison measurements using the protruding end of a caliper from the top of the USB to the wheel?  Again, I do like the concept and really admire the creativity.
It's getting close to Christmas so I ended up buying a 400 and 1200 CBN wheels. ;D  The vendor offered me a discount if I bought both and free shipping so I went for it.  The 400 is flat across the surface, the 1200 has radiused edges, which I prefer but it adds over $100 to the price.  I've bought a couple other CBN wheels for my T8 from this vendor and have been very happy with the quality of the wheels, price and service. 
Knife Sharpening / thoughts on SVM and KJ knife j...
Last post by Ken S - Yesterday at 05:44:44 PM
Over the years, I have accumulated around a dozen Tormek knife jigs. As I only sharpen my own primarily kitchen and pocket knives, my logical self knows that my personal sharpening needs going forward can easily be met with a single
KJ-45. (I do not own a filleting knife, nor do I plan to purchase one.)

I started adding more jigs while developing the kenjig. I use five jigs with the kenjig, adding five jigs to my basic set of SVM jigs. This group included three out of production longer jigs (pre 2002 available only used). These specialty jigs allowed me to easily standardize on one Projection setting for all of my regularly sharpened knives.

I was preparing to have several of my jigs modified just as the Covid lockdown happened in March of 2020. Although several things have changed since then, I now have two jigs at the machinist to be modified (.5mm and 1mm milled jaws as originated by Vadim of Knife Grinders).

I am also leaving one SVM-45 as is, except for adding protective pads from Boot Hill Customs. In addition to scratch protection, the slight extra thickness may help to center thinner knives.

I presently use a combination of Dutchman's Grinding Angle Tables and CB's Calcapp for setting up my kenjigs. I have accumulated four extended support bars over the years as new models appeared. One US-1430 would suffice.
I use a combination of freehand and jig controlled honing. For the jig controlled honing, I use socket set screws or the more convenient FVB.

This collection is certainly overkill for my own needs. I have most of it for my own curiosity and to answer forum questions.

When I purchased my first T7 in 2009, knife jigs consisted as just one SVM-45 and one SVM-140. This combination can still provide yeoman service, although many of us have become pickier. Technology and technique have evolved over the years. Today's latest and greatest will eventually become tomorrow's "yesterday's news".

I welcome continuing innovation, both from Tormek and from the forum.

General Tormek Questions / Re: Upgrading the forum
Last post by 3D Anvil - Yesterday at 04:01:45 PM
I like the new look! 
Wood Turning / Re: cbn wheels
Last post by Ken S - Yesterday at 03:25:46 PM

You are correct in stating that Vadim proved the value of CBN wheels. These same points would also apply to diamond wheels. However, Vadim designed his Knife Grinders CBN wheels to be used with water. I only recall one occasion in his videos where he used his coarse CBN wheel dry. He also mentioned in one of his last videos that he was beta testing a 1000 grit diamond wheel. We won't know the results of these tests.

Regarding your noisy water trough: This can be problematic, although support can provide an easy home remedy. (


General Tormek Questions / Re: New online class Wednesday...
Last post by Ken S - Yesterday at 12:17:19 PM
John, why don't you post the question in the comments?
General Tormek Questions / Re: Considering a 1200 grit CB...
Last post by Ken S - Yesterday at 12:15:01 PM

Your comment says a lot:

" I also think the 1000 CBN will smooth out a bit after a break in."

We can't really judge the grit of a CBN or diamond wheel until after the initial break in period.

As a side note, I remember when Wootz (Vadim) started using CBN wheels. (He posted about it.) This was before Tormek introduced its diamond wheels. In one of his last videos, Wootz was beta testing a 1000 grit diamond wheel. Sadly, we will never know the results of those tests.
Incidentally, although I generally use diamond wheels, I purchased a 400 grit CBN wheel from Knife Grinders. It has radius edges, something not available on the diamond wheels. (Yes, I could shape my SG-250; however, I was curious about the KG wheels.) I found the KG wheel well designed and manufactured.

Wood Turning / Re: cbn wheels
Last post by TireguyfromMA - Yesterday at 03:47:42 AM
There's some very good videos by some well known woodturners (Glenn Lucas) on YT showing how they use the TORMEK to sharpen their own tools.  I have the SE77 square edge jig for chisels, that takes some practice to get it tuned in using the two small knobs so it sharpens evenly across the front of the chisel.  I've sharpened a few gouges using the SVD186R with very good results.  I'd also recommend getting the Profiled Leather Honing wheels to hone the concave side of your gouges, works great.   I've just started using CBN wheels for sharpening knives and love em!  Not having to re-adjust the height of the USB when changing wheels, not having to re-grade the SG250, no water tray, mine was vibrating very loud, CBN's run surprisingly cool. and they will outlast stone wheels by many years.  I would say the only down side to them is they do generate some dust, nothing like a belt sharpening though and without the water it's harder to see where the knife is making contact with the wheel.  I know TORMEK prides in the water cooled system of sharpening but Vadim proved the benefits of CBN.