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Quote from: AKMike on August 17, 2022, 02:36:23 AM
You might try getting a wheel balancing system. Here is one example:

Will this cure a wobble in the wheels?  Paper wheels wobble.
Well, the saga continues...I ran some tests with the slow grinder and was really have a problem with balancing out the paper wheels.  I took some suggestions and got a full speed grinder, well actually a variable speed, anyhow, it works much better.  First, I'm able to adjust the wheel mounting to get a much less wobbly wheel.  Secondly, at full speed, the wheels seem to smooth out a lot.  With the variable speed, I'll be able to slow it down a bit and find a happy medium between smoothness and heat reduction.  In addition, I was able to get this Delta model grinder at a greatly reduced price at Lowes.  I did have to readjust everything, but I think this will be a better setup in the end.

Thanks for the link.  Lots of good info there.  From what I've seen on KG, he used a few different machines, like a Vicmarc DS 200 S and the Optimum, which are both 2800 rpm machines.  I also gleaned this from the link...

From what I've seen, he was using Optimum PSM 200 polishers. From what I could find, they are 2800 rpm. Also, in a thread, he's talking about his polishers being 2800 rpm. If that changed, please let me know. That's something I was confused about.
Now I'm thinking a faster speed might help smooth things out rather than the slow speed I have now.  Wootz used a 10" wheel on an 8" 2800 rpm polisher, so...
Well, I tried the truing tool and that didn't really workout.  I then tried sandpaper of a flat block resting on the USB thinking that the highs would be sanded down to the lows.  Well, what actually happened was that both highs and lows were sanded, so although there was a slight reduction, mostly the entire surface was reduced.  Now all I have is a smaller wheel with the same highs and lows.
Cool, thanks. I'm also in the process of seeing if I can somehow adapt the stone truer to help me out.
Quote from: Ken S on August 13, 2022, 06:32:36 PM
What did the manufacturer and/or vendor of the paper wheels say?

Ken, I'm waiting for a response.  If the other two wheels were just as bad, I'd figure it was something to do with how the wheel tightens on the shaft.  Since the other two wheels are well within usability, I'm just not sure.
So I'm trying to follow Vadim's protocols for derooting/deburring/polishing after Tormek, using 10" slotted paper wheels on a 1/2 speed grinder.  Two of the wheels have very little wobble, however a third wheel has enough wobble to cause whatever runs against the wheel surface to bounce around.  I checked runout on the arbor and it has less than .001" of runout.  I was in the process of using 80 grit sand paper to true up the wheel surface when I noticed the bounce.  Will truing the surface get rid of the bounce or is there another way to smooth it out?
Quote from: cbwx34 on August 12, 2022, 08:22:33 PM
Quote from: darita on August 12, 2022, 06:42:05 PM
Also, I've already applied diamond spray to a couple of the paper wheels.  Can I somehow clean off that stuff and apply a different size diamond paste without it being contaminated?

Just hold a piece of fine sandpaper against it while it's spinning for a few seconds.  (In reality, unless you used a lot, the paste will probably cover it anyway).

If the diamond in the paste is the same size (or larger) than the spray, you don't need to worry about it.

Ya, but I'll likely be going smaller, so it'll have to be at least mostly cleaned off.
Also, I've already applied diamond spray to a couple of the paper wheels.  Can I somehow clean off that stuff and apply a different size diamond paste without it being contaminated?
I wonder where Vadim got his diamond pastes?
Quote from: Sir Amwell on August 10, 2022, 05:26:11 PM
I think for paper wheels Vadim would recommend diamond paste. I think oil based? If you have access to eBay and search diamond honing pastes there is a company that sells a whole range, certainly the micron sizes you are looking for. Rub the paste into the wheel and leave to set overnight and you should be good to go.

Well, would the spray be OK?  I'm trying to avoid having a range of sprays and and range of paste.
So Vadim suggests using alcohol based diamond sprays on paper wheels, so who carries this?  I got some of the micron sizes from SchleifJunkies, however they don't carry .5 or 10 micron.
Yes. They are available with or without slots.