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Topics - darita

I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with and a source for resin bonded diamond or CBN wheels for T8?  I've used them with great success with other sharpening systems and would like to try them with my T8.
I use coffee filters to "clean" the water after use and keep it in a jar for next day. Do you ever add anything to keep the water from fouling?  By the way, I do use ACC-150.
So I purchased a 45mm wide felt wheel, however it's too long for a 45mm adapter on the leather wheel side of my T8.  Does anyone have a longer adapter or a fix for this?

General Tormek Questions / CalCapp vs WM-200
June 22, 2023, 07:40:04 PM
Am I doing something wrong here?  No matter how many times I enter the numbers, there's a marked difference using CalCapp vs using the WM. The WM shows the projection needs to be lengthened.  My wheel diameter is 250mm, Jig Diameter is 12mm, Projection is 139mm and Angle is 15dps.  I got 78.9mm from top of USB to Top of Stone.
General Tormek Questions / CalCapp Help Please
June 21, 2023, 10:56:42 PM
When I put together my paper wheel setup, I couldn't use the exact distance of USB base to arbor center that is on the T8, because the grinder base was in the way.  Does that preclude my ability to use CalCapp to figure out top of USB to wheel surface calculation?

General Tormek Questions / Water In My DF250?
June 16, 2023, 11:16:13 PM
So how do I clear the water out of my DF250? 
I can't,for the life of me, get rid of the bouncy vibration I feel in my tool when using these slotted paper wheels.  I've adjusted out 90% of the wobble in the wheels.  My 1/2 speed arbor has less than .0001" runout.  I've even tried attaching sandpaper to the back of a TT50 in an attempt to knock down the high spots on the out of round wheels with little success.  Is this normal?  Do all of yours do the same thing?  Or, should I have continuous contact with the wheel surface and have smooth, vibration-free contact.
I want to use Vadim's method of using an 8" buffer for paper wheels.  Right now I'm using a Delta variable speed grinder that has a lot of runout and I don't know what speed the wheels are turning at.  I'm looking for good, reasonably priced, buffer recommendations.
Every time I see this ridge on the drive wheel, it bugs me.  Will it hurt or help anything If I do trim it?

Just wondering why there are no CBN wheels finer than 1200 grit? Is there another alternative that doesn't need truing and won't change diameter?
General Tormek Questions / Bevel Angle Changes
May 26, 2023, 05:21:30 PM
When sharpening chisels, I'm noticing that as I progress through the wheels 160, 400, 1000 and 1200, the bevel angle changes as the projection changes.  I understand that grinding past the point of a burr only waists metal, however the angle change still occurs.  Should I be readjusting for my original angle or just go on through my projection?  Any other advice would be appreciated.
I find that using the FVB for trailing edge grinding allows me to grind without water spilling out all over the place.  Is this OK?

Anyone have experience with and know where I can get a 250mm leather strop for T8?
but don't want to spend more than $500.  I was looking at this one, as it gets in pretty close and has good resolution.  Is there one that gets closer with greater resolution and and gets even closer?
I've been working on chisels and would like to have some comparison BESS readings to shoot for.  Theoretically, I would think they should be like knife readings, but I'm not sure that relates to real world. 
General Tormek Questions / SJ250 Question
April 30, 2023, 10:18:42 PM
When sharpening chisels, should the SJ 250 be used trailing edge, turning away from the edge?
General Tormek Questions / Chisel Sharpening Vid?
April 25, 2023, 04:35:15 PM
Hi all, I'm looking for a Knife Grinders vid on chisel sharpening.  I have many of the Knife Grinders suggested accessories and would like to use a more advanced method of sharpening my chisels, rather than the tradition methods. Thanks for the help.
So I'm trying to follow Vadim's protocols for derooting/deburring/polishing after Tormek, using 10" slotted paper wheels on a 1/2 speed grinder.  Two of the wheels have very little wobble, however a third wheel has enough wobble to cause whatever runs against the wheel surface to bounce around.  I checked runout on the arbor and it has less than .001" of runout.  I was in the process of using 80 grit sand paper to true up the wheel surface when I noticed the bounce.  Will truing the surface get rid of the bounce or is there another way to smooth it out?
So Vadim suggests using alcohol based diamond sprays on paper wheels, so who carries this?  I got some of the micron sizes from SchleifJunkies, however they don't carry .5 or 10 micron.
So I finished making my stands.  I used my angle finder gauge to adjust the USBs parallel with the 1/2 speed grinder arbor.  I also used the straight edge to get the USBs in line with one another.  I did my best to follow the KG recommended set up as close as possible.  I also got some 10" x 1 1/4" slotted paper wheels.
1.  Do I need to true the wheels?  The surfaces are already lined up pretty well with the USB, however the wheel surfaces are very slightly crowned.
2.  The wheels slots are clean and clear on 2 surfaces, however on one side, all the slots are closed off with paper fuzz.  Do I have to cut that stuff off so that all slots are open?
Any other suggestions?