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Topics - darita

So I'm trying to follow Vadim's protocols for derooting/deburring/polishing after Tormek, using 10" slotted paper wheels on a 1/2 speed grinder.  Two of the wheels have very little wobble, however a third wheel has enough wobble to cause whatever runs against the wheel surface to bounce around.  I checked runout on the arbor and it has less than .001" of runout.  I was in the process of using 80 grit sand paper to true up the wheel surface when I noticed the bounce.  Will truing the surface get rid of the bounce or is there another way to smooth it out?
So Vadim suggests using alcohol based diamond sprays on paper wheels, so who carries this?  I got some of the micron sizes from SchleifJunkies, however they don't carry .5 or 10 micron.
So I finished making my stands.  I used my angle finder gauge to adjust the USBs parallel with the 1/2 speed grinder arbor.  I also used the straight edge to get the USBs in line with one another.  I did my best to follow the KG recommended set up as close as possible.  I also got some 10" x 1 1/4" slotted paper wheels.
1.  Do I need to true the wheels?  The surfaces are already lined up pretty well with the USB, however the wheel surfaces are very slightly crowned.
2.  The wheels slots are clean and clear on 2 surfaces, however on one side, all the slots are closed off with paper fuzz.  Do I have to cut that stuff off so that all slots are open?
Any other suggestions?

Just got 3 10" slotted paper wheels and I'm finishing up my grinder/USB stand setup.  How many paper wheels do you have for honing and do you use honing coolant for each?  Thanks in advance.
Does anyone here use the Sharpening Made Easy, slotted paper wheels?  I just ordered some 10" wheels from them, however they will take weeks to arrive.  I'd like to know if they are actually 10" in diameter?  I'm trying to set up my grinder for honing and need to make some dummy wheels to use to measure off of.
What do you commonly use on your paper wheels and for what purposes?
I'm interested in assembling a paper wheel honing setup like the one Wootz used in his videos.  I have a good, 1hp, slow speed grinder I can use.  I like the steel risers Vadim used as well.  How would I construct this setup?
I believe some one here had a source for the 2" wide felt wheels that we use, however I can't seem to find it by searching.  Can someone please help?
I wanted a safe place to store my wheels, so I emptied out a drawer in the garage and set it up for wheels.  Is this a safe way to store them and not damage them in any way?  Hope so.

General Tormek Questions / New SJ250 Care Help?
May 09, 2022, 07:09:13 PM
I just got my SJ250 and boy is it a beauty and came in great condition.  Do you all use the diamond card method for truing?  I use Japanese stones in my TSProf and use Bar Keepers Friend to keep them clean after each session.  I also have the red eraser suggested by Wootz.  What's the best way to clean it and how often do you do that?

I have a Fine Diamond Wheel and a 1K CBN wheel for my T8.  Which wheel should I get to finish with, before moving to strops?
So I just got my rock hard felt wheels from SchleifJunkies.  They are about 1 1/2" wide.  The wheels from Knife Grinders are about 2" wide.  Does that make any difference in their effectiveness as stropping wheels?
I have T8, an SG250, a Fine Diamond wheel, 1K CBN wheel and 2 rock hard felt wheels, along with two OEM leather strops.  My goal is to be able to get an edge that will get Bess readings at least between 50 and 100.  What progression will get me there and please include strops?  Most of my experience has been with WE and TSProf and I regularly get in the 50 to 80 Bess with the latter.  I know there will be a learning curve with technique, but I at least want to be working with the right wheels, grits and strops.  Thanks for the help.
I just purchased this FVB, as they call it, for honing and I'm wondering if the CalComp numbers for honing still apply?  Also, I may as well ask cuz it looks like I'm going down that road... I already have the Fine Diamond Wheel, so what other wheels do you suggest I get to attain a guided sharpener level sharpness and polish?
I have a SuperGrind 2000 and wondered if it would be worth my while to upgrade to a T8?  I'm curious as to the differences between the two?
I see that there is Calculator 1 and 2.  I have an old Supergrind 2005 with a Tormek Diamond Wheel.  Which calculator should I be using and why?  Also, how does this calculator compare with the KnifeGrinders calculator?  Thanks for the help.
I use Honerite when I hand sharpen my woodworking tools to prevent rusting and corrosion, so I'm wondering if Honerite is the same as Tormek's Anticorrosion Concentrate?
I have a Supergrind 2005.  I want to do some lite regrinds and want to switch to a diamond wheel for consistency.  I'd like avoid deep scratch marks to limit the hand work after.  Which diamond wheel would you suggest I get?
Knife Sharpening / KnifeGrinders Fprmula Question...
November 15, 2021, 10:57:35 PM
I'm trying to use my Supergrind 2005 to do regrinds to finish on my guided knife sharpener.  Problem is, I set up the Tormek using KG app, for a 16*dps, but when I check the angle on my other sharpeners, it comes up 17.5*.  What am I doing wrong?
General Tormek Questions / Lube Bearings or No?
November 04, 2021, 02:37:15 PM
I have a Supergrind 2005 and just installed the Stainless Steel Shaft.  I'm wondering if I should put some grease on the nylon bearings? 
Knife Sharpening / KnifeGrinders Software Question...
November 03, 2021, 03:43:23 PM
Hope I'm ok asking here...I'm attempting to use this software for my Supergrind 2005.  What is a good starting point for the Knife Jig stop to blade edge distance?  Any other tips on using this software would be appreciated.