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Knife Sharpening / Re: ceramic knives with the S G
July 15, 2024, 09:30:21 PM
I believe this is an interesting read at

It states that aluminum oxide abrasives are sufficient, however a much finer grit than the SG-250 is suggested.
I'm a fan of cutting meat and vegetables with my knifes, cutting cardboard or whittling wood and many other things.
The sharpness after some time of usage is more important to me than the initial sharpness.
I understood that many sharpeners are convinced that a good initial bess reading is a prerequisite for a good edge retention.
I'm not convinced, however, I cannot proof the opposite. Nothing is impossible.

The Red Line Water Wetter Super Coolant seems to provide limited corrosion protection for Aluminum motor heads, as per the technical specifications.
I would suggest contacting the vendor for confirmation that this product prevents corrosion on steel product, especially Tormek diamond wheels.
This is not a sales trick. The power at the motor label ist the mechanical power, the motor can deliver.
The Power from the T8 Specs ist the maximum electrical power consumption the machine will draw from mains.
The ration of power consumption to delivered mechanical power is called energy efficiency.
The motor used in a T8 is a so called capacitor motor and it is normal for motors in that power range to have efficiencies between 50% and 60%.
During startup, the motor draws more current and the manufacturer shows correctly a power consumption of 200W in the T8 specs.
I hope that helps to understand the miracle.

General Tormek Questions / Re: "Plasters"
March 13, 2024, 12:45:44 PM
In German, it is Pflaster.
However, the word has a double meaning. In addition to band-aids, it means cobbles or pavement.
I'm at Newbie status and can send PMs.
It seems to be dependent on a minimum number of posts by the sender.
It would be helpful for new members to know that limit.
I had never tried sending PMs earlier.
Click at the name of the person.
A window will open and you will find "Send PM"
General Tormek Questions / Re: T8 Recommendations?
January 25, 2024, 12:53:28 PM
I would prefer if you, as a moderator, would not step into the shoes of the marketing and sales persons.
Nice result. Congrat.
Could you be so kind to describe what you did with the Tormek for this task?
Quote from: Dutchman on November 29, 2023, 12:14:45 PMThe Adjustable Stop could be added to a self-centering Jig
"It isn't rocket science surely?"
I agree. I would not mind loosing the theoretical capability for "grinding convex edges".
Two thoughts
I would not give my best knifes away to get it sharpened freehand, no matter how good this individual may be.
I would love to be proficient enough to do quick and dirty freehandsharpening for my simple knifes. Unfortunately, I'm not good enough.
On the other hand, I have plenty of time.
Wood Carving / Re: Tormek will get chisels SHARP
November 22, 2023, 08:51:12 PM
hear, hear
Received the invite mail 5 mins ago
I'm afraid that I'm not familiar with your shaft alignment procedure. Could you be so kind to guide me to the place where it is described?