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TormekCalc3 - Advanced grinding calculator

Started by jvh, January 23, 2020, 08:23:14 PM

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Speaking of angles. In the calc it gives a single value of "T USB" (tangent distance to stone surface from the support) for both front USB, regular USB and horizontal USB.
Logically, it should be the same, no matter what type of support is used. But I just want to double-check, if I am missing something.


Sure should be the same.  That is the whole point and beauty.  Frees one from so many variables and sources of error and significantly reduces setup/adjustment times. 

Quality is like buying oats.  If you want nice, clean, fresh oats, you must pay a fair price. However, if you can be satisfied with oats that have already been through the horse, that comes at a lower price.