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planer blade attachment SVH-320

Started by dhazelwood1, November 30, 2009, 05:02:50 PM

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I am interested in purchasing the planer blade attachment. SVH-320 (this is one reason I bought the t-7 grinder.)  However, the thing that concerns me is that my planer blades are 12 1/4" long, and from what I understand, you have to reposition the blade in the holder for blades  that are over 10 1/2" long.  Seems to me that Tormek would have a jig to handle blades at least that long (12" blades are very common) without resetting.  Also, according to a couple of the posts that I  have read, though  this is not perfectly clear to me, seem to suggest that blades of this length could be sharpened by removing some pin.  Any help would be appreciated. Also, I have read where there are issues with 6" blades, which my jointer has.

Jeff Farris

There is a pin in the exact middle of the blade holder.  This limits the travel of the blade holder so that you cannot run the blade off the grindstone.  This allows a 12 inch blade to be ground, but you cannot take the extreme left edge of the blade to the extreme right edge of the grindstone.  If the stone is perfectly true, it won't matter, but for perfect accuracy it is best to traverse the entire blade over the entire stone.  The pin is a roll pin press fit into the blade holder. While Tormek has an official position that removing the pin is considered an unsafe practice, my personal one is missing.  ;)

I know of no issues whatsoever regarding 6 inch blades.   ???
Jeff Farris


I've done my Dewalt ones without removing anything. I just sharpen half of the blade at one point and the other half after. It seems to be easier and I don't have to make ample moves and keep the hand pressure constant for large lengths.



Thanks to all for the imput.  I have ordered the jig and can't wait to give it a try.