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Lock on micro adjuster?

Started by Mugs, May 12, 2014, 09:28:34 PM

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Hi Folks

I notice on the older videos the micro adjuster on the jigs has a lock to lock it in place once set. Why do the new machines not have a lock? I notice the adjustment knob therefore will spin as I slide the blade across the wheel. Applying pressure of course helps but doesn't alleviate the problem. Why was the locking mechanism discontinued. It seems like it was neccessary.

Herman Trivilino

Not sure.  If you have the US locked in place, it doesn't matter if the micro adjuster spins.
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Jeff Farris


He's talking about the micro-adjuster on the knife jigs.

The lock was troublesome, as people over-torqued the knob and stripped the threads.

It was replaced by an o-ring between the head and the shaft which limits the movement of the head once it is adjusted. The small bit of movement you might experience in use will not affect the grinding angle in any measurable way.

Jeff Farris


Could someone answer this question.
blades can be sharpened haircut on the Tormek ?



If the "someone" had a clue what you were talking about they might be able to!
Best.    Rob.

Ken S


Welcome to the forum.  With "haircut blades", do you mean the scissors barbers and beauticians use; a straight razor used for shaving the hair on the neck; or the blades used in electric trimmers?