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Regarding the magnet for a T-4, I 3Dprinted a tab that hangs on the end of the water trough and used super glue to fasten a rare earth magnet in a recess. Quick and dirty way to solve the issue.
General Tormek Questions / FVB
April 30, 2022, 04:04:56 PM
Is there a source in the US for the FVB?

Very interesting!
Quote from: RichColvin on January 10, 2022, 07:30:09 PM

That is an M6-1.0, 15mm long, flat-head screw.  You can get one similar to that from McMaster-Carr as p/n 92125A111, though that one has a hex drive.

McMaster-Carr has other options for screws like that one.  At 16 mm long, the options really open up, and there are options for using a flat-head or Phillips screw driver.  Also, consider looking at screws with an "oval" head vs. flat heads.  May be more appropriate for this use.


Many years ago I became aware of the Tormek system of sharpening. Since that time I have spent many $$$$ on different methods and tools. The results were okay but I knew that improvement was needed. I received a T4 unit 2 days ago and spent some time getting used to it. I then made an assault on my kitchen knives and was very please with the results. For what $$$ I spent in the past I could have easily saved a bunch by purchasing the unit years ago.

After some use, it became apparent a small modification would be in order. The screw needs to have a screwdriver slot to assist in snugging it during setup. My reason for the request is fat leathery fingers have a difficult time grasping it. I am considering adding one using a Dremel tool.

The only real complaint I have is the nameplate on the front of the machine was pulled off when removing the Angle Master. I can remedy the situation with some glue.