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I am just tired of the water mess. I am contemplating a CBN wheel as Tormek advises the use of water even with the diamond wheel. I would like to patronize Tormek but do not want water.
TORMEK NEW Self-centering Knife Jig KJ-45
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Cost summary
Description   Price
Subtotal   $54.00
Shipping   $9.95
Total   USD $63.95
They are shipping from Advanced Machinery.
General Tormek Questions / I found Jeff Farris
December 06, 2020, 12:13:15 PM If anyone else wondered what became of him.
General Tormek Questions / non secure website
February 26, 2020, 01:45:41 PM
Anyone else see this? The website's security certificate is not yet valid or has expired.
Referring to this web site.
General Tormek Questions / Tormek T2
January 03, 2020, 07:27:41 PM
Is this dedicated knife sharpener better than, the same as or what compared to the multi talented Tormeks when sharpening a knife? I know it has diamond stones but that doesn't make it better to me. I mean as in symmetry of edge angle, ease of following a curving blade and access to the honing wheel.
General Tormek Questions / reversible Tormek
March 21, 2019, 11:05:58 AM
Some of us sharpen with the wheel rotating towards us and some with the wheel going away. I do it both ways just to see what happens. I wonder why Tormek does not have a switch to allow this instead of having to rotate the machine. Seems like a really simple option.
It is my understanding that the "fine" setting on the SG 250 approximates a 1000 grit. The extra fine diamond wheel is 1200 grit. The diamond wheel should leave finer marks on steel, is this so?
General Tormek Questions / for sale forum
September 09, 2016, 11:42:34 PM
Has this subject been considered? A "for sale" forum. A forum which allows users of this site to buy or sell items related to the Tormek family of grinders. Users would assume any liability through the use of an or is that a; "an" sounds better, EULA.
If you are like me you wonder what happened to Jeff here is a partial answer: He has a few videos on YouTube and this is one.
Is this an upgrade or not? I have the old style. By upgrade I mean is it an improvement. I know it is a later model trough.
General Tormek Questions / hall monitor
September 29, 2015, 05:19:30 AM
We need a "hall monitor" that has the power to delete spam from the forum. Stig is not on duty 24/7 and I get irritated when I see the crap that gets posted on here.
I have noticed over time that there are members who are relatively active in making posts. I then notice that you no longer hear from them. I wonder what becomes of them. I am sure that Tormek does not want to release their private contact information but Jeff Farris, have you ever considered a personal "hello" or some such contact to determine their health and/or welfare?
That UHMWPE is the stuff you see that is used to provide a nice slippery surface for things to slide on. I anticipate using it to make a table saw sled. The nylon or plastic or whatever I have is about 3/8 inches thick. It is a solid sheet. Can you cut this on a table saw or what is best? thanx
General Tormek Questions / chisel sharpening blues
January 09, 2013, 04:08:29 PM
I cannot get my chisel at an angle that will allow it to be sharpened properly. It seems that the length of blade is not long enough to allow the support rod to go low enough to produce the proper angle. When the chisel is in the square edge jig, the parts that slide along the rod come into contact with the spinning grindstone. I cannot do it either against the spin or with the spin direction. Anyone else experience this? thanx
My stone is oval shaped as viewed from the side. When you watch it rotate it rises and falls with the oval high and low areas. Why, and does that require truing? It has no bearing on my ability to sharpen a knife.
General Tormek Questions / sharpening single edge blades
September 23, 2011, 02:14:58 AM
Is there anything I need to know about sharpening single edge blades like on Japanese knives? I am quite proficient at double edge blade sharpening.
Does the Tormek made device described above have a "flat" on one side of one of the supports?

What is this piece of metal made from? Stainless steel or plated steel?