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Knife Sharpening / Re: thoughts on SVM and KJ knife jigs
December 12, 2022, 08:54:41 AM
I have just acquired my first Tormek grinder (an old 1200).
Amongst other uses, I plan to use it for knife sharpening.
Can I assume that the best and easiest option is to buy the KJ-45 jig?
Hi. I recently acquired a Tormek Supergrind 1200. I have separately acquired a BGM-100 upgrade kit.
I now have 2 options in order to reposition the universal support to a horizontal positionwhich allows for sharpening away from the wheel turning direction which I understand is better.
I can either use the entire BGM-100 kit, and fix the support to the side of the grinder (more hassle, requires some sort of base board or bench mounting), or I can use the XB-100 which is included within the BGM-100, and just mount that on to the top of the casing of the Grinder. It is plastic casing, but I understand if I use washers, this should be fine. I am probably going to opt for the on-grinder option for simplicity, unless others advise otherwise?
Thanks for your advice.