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My kiridashi neck knife with a hollow ground bevel done on the T-7. This blade now needs to be sanded on it's surface, followed by rounding out the profile edges.
Yes, a small knife can be made using a T-7. It just takes time. About five hours I think, to grind out the bevel. A bit long, but outstanding results.
Thank you Ken. My initial thinking on this is to reduce the long term wear on the corner/edge due to the jig allowing the blade to "rotate" downwards at the edges. I didn't want to have to re-square the stone too often.
This jig greatly reduces this, and holds the blade level with the stone.
The problem that arises is that this jig wants to stick/stop due to the oblong hole drilled through the scissor jig plate. This oblong hole is a locking device when tightening the clamp screw.
Had the hole been round then the modified jig could slide back and forth easily.
Its not much of an issue though. I get outstanding hollow grinds. I will share a pic of the kiridashi blade later. Its almost done.
Here is a picture of the modified jig and blade.
I was able to combine the Scissor jig and a knife jig into a new-to-me jig, assuming Tormek makes one I haven't seen. I used two U-bolts to attach the knife jig via four holes drilled in the scissor jig.
This modification does not destroy either jig, except I had to remove the plastic sheeti g on the back of the scissor jig (I saved it, and can reglue it back on later). Both can still be used as intended once it it dismantled. I am using this modified jig to put the hollow bevel on a kiridadhi blade. The results are outstanding. I am very pleased with how this is coming along.
I was not able to post a pic, but will when I can.
Lets see if this works. My first photo upload. This blade is a sheepsfoot style simply because its an easy knife to make. The bevel is an easy one to make for a newbie.
The blade profile was cut out with a Dremel cut-off wheel and ground on a 1x30 belt sander to shape. The bevel was then flat ground, then hollowed out on the T-7.
Thank you.
BTW I've used the T-7 to sharpen some knives and it works awesome. Blades come out sharp! I highly recommend a Tormek, they work very well.
Update... Almost a year has gone by it seems. I finally worked on a few blades the past two weeks, with very pleasing results.
I made two small neck knives, with 1.75" blades, of a sheepsfoot design. My first blade was to prove to me the concept was sound. It is. Slow, but doable.
The second blade was to perfect the design and and to set up a custom jig. I intend to combine two Tormek jigs to create one that I want. This will be a project soon.
Then I will make knives to sell.
The only issue I have is the very slow hollow grinding of the blade bevel. To speed up the process I first flat grind the blade, then hollow that out on the T-7. The end results are impressive. I am very pleased with the T-7. I have a few pics on this cell phone, but I don't know how to post pics here. More to come. Slowly, but surely.
Pretty extensive testing, more than I might have done. Thanks for sharing it.
We're rootin' for ya, Ken.
Patience is easy.
Ken... The plastic tube and washers are for the center hole, so the 3x can fit the T7 shaft, rigjt?
I'll do this once I get around to buying a 3x wheel. This proceedure is probably the one I may end up using. Thanks for this recommendation.

BTW... I find myself quite busy with work, such that I haven't even ran the T7 yet. I am also having eye surgury in about ten days. I most likely will get to the T7 after that.
Besides, I'm still waiting on othet stuff before I can even begin.
Thank you to everyone for the advice, encouragement, and such. This has been very helpful to me. I feel confident I can do this now.
Thank you for sharing your views Herman. The T8, being newer, would be a fine choice.
Thanks for the encouragement, guys. I'm sure I will enjoy it, and put it to good use, even if it don't help with grinding bevels on knife blades.
I wasn't aware the T8 was available already. I haven't seen or read anything on the T8 that tells me to return the T7 I just got.
Besides, it cost me 90 dollars to send it up here. It would cost about the same going back, and then another 90 to send the T8 up. 270 dollars, dude.

There is nothing wrong with this one, it arrived in good shape. I got it put together, ready to go.
It looks like I'll enjoy using it for a long time. Still waiting ob the bench grinder, and belt grinder.

Edit.. I googled the T8. Interesting benefits. But never having ever used a Tormek before these benefits mean nothing to me. I have no experience to compare it to.

I'll keep the T7, it will serve my purposes just fine.
My T7 Chef's Bundle arrived today. I got a chance to open the box this evening and took a look at the manual and other paperwork.
I had to get back to work, so I didn't remove the machine from the box.
I figure tomorrow I will have more time to read the manual and check out the T7.
Thank you. I will indeed read it.