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Chainsaw bar dressing?

Started by Rimu, November 19, 2023, 10:01:24 AM

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Anyone here ever used a Tormek to dress a chainsaw bar? If so, how?

John Hancock Sr

No - you could but I find it infinitely easier by hand. I use a mill file (single cut). I place the bar in a vice, I place the file at right angles to the bar and draw the file along the bar. It only takes a few strokes to bring it up to scratch. You can also buy bar dressing jigs, including a file that keeps the file at right angles for a few $$.

If I were to use the Tormek I would use the SVD-110 set it at right angles to the wheel and draw it across the wheel. Make sure that the bar is super clean, you would not want to contaminate the wheel.

Ken S

I agree with John. There are more practical ways to sharpen a chainsaw than by using a Tormek. There has been messages stated or implied that "a Tormek can sharpen any edge in the house". While this is mostly true, the Tormek is not always the best or most practical choice. For jobs like chainsaws, hand files are hard to beat. A well chosen set of hand files will be handy for many jobs and will often do the job more quickly than setting up a power tool.



Quote from: Perra on November 24, 2023, 09:27:52 PMI can really recommend this chainsaw tool.
This tool is not to remove the ridge on the chainsaw bar, but to sharpen the teeth.
As somebody already said, a simple fine flat file will take off the ridge on the bar that either happens over time or due to a badly sharpened chain which does not do a straight cut.