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Stuart Batty Angle Gauge

Started by mbowline, November 17, 2022, 04:33:19 PM

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I'm beginning to venture into grinding a negative rake scraper along with other scrapers, too. I've watched many videos that show various methods to set the angle of the tool rest.

I have found the Stuart Batty Angle Gauges as an intriguing option.

My question to the Forum is this: will an angle gauge such as the Batty ANgle Gauge work on my Tormek 2000?


I think it theoretically could.  Please let us know your experience.
Rich Colvin - a reference guide for sharpening

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Ken S

I am curious (not critical). What would the Batty Angle Gage do on a Tormek that the Tormek SVD-186 jig can't do?



The Stuart Batty Angle Gauge is used to set the angle of the tool rest on bench grinders, so the question should be what would the angle gauge do for the SVD-110 that the Tormek Angle Master cannot. I guess the answer is quicker and more consistent angle measurement. Glenn Lucas sells a similar gauge that he calls Moby Jig, which is made of plastic, instead of metal. The plastic body made it easier for me to adjust the contact points to get a more accurate angle with the Tormek 10" wheels.


Ken S