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Scandi sharpening

Started by Peter Eaton, October 05, 2021, 12:13:05 PM

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Peter Eaton

Could anyone possibly give me some advice place on grinding Scandi grinds on a Tormek please as I have a pal over mine this eve with a box full of them!  :) ...he wants them doing this eve if time allows.

What I want to know is the best technique you guys have possibly figured for Scandi grinds, preferably a true Scandi grind with no micro bevel but I am not sure this is possible on a wheel..(normally I hand sharpen Scandi blades)

The knives are Mora's I think.

Any tips or video link most welcome , oh and I have a T8.

Much appreciated



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Peter Eaton

Brilliant ...thanks for this , will have a look now as my pal here soon with those knives  ...

Many thanks


Specifically for scandi grinds on Mora's etc i designed and had this made a while back.
I call it a "limiter block", as it limits your range of movements while sharpening guided on the Tormek to only back & forth and up & down (for the point area)
The block can slide along the steel guide rod, and with the screws i can finetune the clamping force.

The knife is my Mora 2000 which i bought in Sweden in 2006, and which was used as a testbed for various edges, once even with a few serrations just in front of the handle.
I reground it several years ago using the limiter block, then removed the slight burr on the Tormek leather wheel for a slightly convex microbevel.
It has been living in my daypack ever since, and the apex has already been refreshed several times on a Spyderco white ceramic stick (when on holiday)


Very interesting, kwakster.  Could you show it in use, please?  Perhaps for both the straight portion and the tip.


Quality is like buying oats.  If you want nice, clean, fresh oats, you must pay a fair price. However, if you can be satisfied with oats that have already been through the horse, that comes at a lower price.


Add me to the... how does it work?  I'm guessing similar to my 4-Stop Collar setup, but you can't rotate it? 

But I don't see why it's needed specifically for Scandi grinds?  ???
Knife Sharpening Angle Calculator:
Calcapp Calculator-works on any platform.
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grind on the side off the stone with using MB-100 :)


Iirc the limiter block was made around 2014 in an attempt to be able to wet grind somewhat wider bevels like on scandi's better & faster than i was able to do with the standard Tormek knife clamp, while at the same time keeping things reasonably pleasing to the eye and of course repeatable.
Most people in my area that use Mora type knives just want to have their geometry re-established from time to time, so they can then touch up the microbevel quick & easy when on the job.

When i bought this Mora 2000 in Sweden the shop owner told me that most working people use these types of Mora knives until the microbevel turns into a standard width bevel, and then they throw the knife away and buy a new one.
But at least where i live we don't do that,  8)

Peter Eaton

Just noticed additional replies ...many thanks everyone , I will have a look at them all.