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portable dust collection system for the TAS

Started by RDCastle108, August 17, 2021, 06:35:38 AM

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Hello all;
I'm looking for recommendations for a portable dust collection system for the TAS.  I need it small enough and hopefully quiet enough to go into storefronts like quilting stores, tailors, some barbershops, ... you probably get the picture.  I'm wanting to set up as a portable knife and scissors sharpening service in central Kentucky.  Any suggestions will be very helpful!  Thanks,

Rod Castle
Razor Cut Sharpening, llc


I've got my TAS in a Tanos (Festool) M237 systainer. Am considering using a Festool CT SYS dust extractor, which can be fastened eithe above or below it...



Knife Sharpening Angle Calculator:
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Thanks, CB,
of course! Now that you mentioned it, ...  :D I should have guessed, but that one really left me puzzled.



Here's my setup that I have been working on for a while. This is for sharpening scissors outside/at a fabric store (the Twice As Sharp, or "TAS" scissors sharpener), or sharpening garden tools outside/at a garden store in the spring (Viel S-5 1" x 42" belt sander with the scissors jig).

From the ground up:

- Tanos SYS-RB Cart
- Homemade Power Station in a Tanos / Festool M187 Systainer3
- Viel S-5 in M237 Systainer3
- TAS in M237 Systainer3
- Festool CTL-SYS dust extractor

In the picture, I have removed the top part of the CTL-SYS (the hose and power cord storage). This results in a working surface height of about 37.5 inches / 95 cm.

The CTL-SYS hose is 27mm diameter, I just shove it into the square hole at the back of the TAS. It seems to work fine (the square-to-round adapters from TAS are $67 USD!!)

As it is the unit does not need an external power source. I covered my homemade power station here:

While costly, the stack looks professional, is tax deductible, and Systainers have a high resale value.


I went for a v-tuf as its very portable and there are lots of adaptors that fit virtually any size so it hooks up to my leigh dovetail jig, milwaukee planer, elu circular saw plus i use it for cleaning the workshop and car! I was fortunate to get a version that it also powers up when i switch my tools on. Lots of different sizes but they have good particle size filters. What i really like about it is it has a power socket for plugging in tools so when you start them, the vacuum starts as well and when you switch off the tool, the vacuum switches off making it a single simple process.