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Opinel no 8 sharpening

Started by Ukfraser, December 30, 2020, 04:26:19 PM

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Hi happy new year!

I have just  been given  the above knife. From the manufacturers web site it states a convex sharpening of approximately 40 degrees.

I cant see a secondary angle to use the tormek marker method.

So im guessing ive got to use the angle master but as the blade is convex
1) do i set it for 20 or 40 degrees? One of the online sharpening tutorials showed halving the angle when not on the cutting edge so im not sure which setting to use.

2) do i put it as near the cutting edge as possible or does it not matter?

3) what would you suggest i do to check To visually check im sharpening correctly.

Im sure that with Opinel being a popular brand, im hoping someone will have come across this before. If not here is their product page with the info on sharpening half way down.



I sharpen my Opinels between 30 and 40 degrees. As the blades are really thin, the secondary edge is really short, as you stated.
But the Angle master works just fine with these knives.
As for your quiestions:

1) You always halve the angle if you have a knive that is ground from either side (as opposed to a chisel or certain Japanese knives)
2) Yes, putting the Angle master as close to the cutting edge as possible is quite crucial. If you don't, you get angles different from what the scale says.
3) I think the Angle master works just fine. You should end up with a sharp edge.

Don't forget to hone it thoroughly, which I found quite easy on the carbon blades and quite demanding on the stainless ones.

Good luck!