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Tormek will get chisels SHARP

Started by RichColvin, November 22, 2023, 08:40:45 PM

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I recently re-sharpened my Two Cherries 40mm carpenters chisel after a project.  My process was:

  • Clean up the edge using the SG-250 grindstone, graded to a rough grit
  • Sharpen the edge using the same SG-250 grindstone, graded to a very fine grit
  • Hone on the leather wheel
  • Hone on a paper wheel using red rouge
  • Hone on a paper wheel using jeweler's rouge

When I grabbed one of them today to use it again, I slipped and it cut me pretty badly.  The picture below shows how easily it was to splatter blood (yes, it is my own blood).

You cannot view this attachment.

So, two take-always:

  • The Tormek is more than adequate for sharpening chisels
  • Be careful handling those sharpened tools.
Rich Colvin - a reference guide for sharpening

You are born weak & frail, and you die weak & frail.  What you do between those is up to you.


John Hancock Sr

Many a nick between Tormek and workpiece ;)

Used those Tormek bandaids many times!