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Catra - white shades inside the ring

Started by chiamsi, April 03, 2020, 03:05:43 PM

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I got my Carta Hobby delivered today and found that inside the ring there is a kind of white coat, which I can not remove.
Is this normal or affecting the performance?

Thank you in advance


Hi Ernst

I suspect it is just cosmetic due to poor assembly which is unacceptable given the cost of the item.

When I received my Catra Hobby the clear perspex parts containing the V notches were covered in excess glue and even had the assemblers glue fingerprint marks in places. Worse still was the laser beam was not correctly aligned and straddled the 1 degree mark. I sent it back immediately for a replacement which was only marginally better - the laser alignment was still an issue but not as bad.

I strongly recommend you send it back if you are not happy with it. Perhaps even ask for a refund and look at other options, which in hindsight is something I should have done.



Thank you Smurfs,
the quality seems really poor.
I returned it for a refund and ordered the Goniometer Master already.



 I am glad that I returned it. The Goniometer Master is a real game changer. I like especially the magnetic holder which makes it simple to use