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How sharp is sharp?

Started by Ken S, June 26, 2015, 04:06:36 AM

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Thanks for mentioning the source, I was afraid I am missing something.


P.S.: Might be of your interest: "Can you sharpen a razor blade to a 1 atom width blade?".


I have been interested in chemical sharpening for a long time. It is great for sharpening a point but I have found no way to apply it to an edge. Chemical sharpening is used in production of fish hooks.
A friend is in the physics dept of a local university and has access to various exotic techniques like electron beam honing and deposition of a single atom layer of diamond but again, no practical way to apply it to everyday knives.
Steve Bottorff; author, teacher and consultant on knife and scissor sharpening.


The only chemical sharpening I was aware of, has to do with files, and my understanding is, restoration attempts.
Favorite line, from a post here:
Quote from: Rob on February 24, 2013, 06:11:44 PM

Yeah you know Tormek have reached sharpening nirvana when you get a prosthetic hand as part of the standard package :/)


As Steve confirms, for the time being, the chemical sharpening to 1-atom edge has no practical application in everyday sharpener's life.

The single atom tungsten tip is high-tech scientific tool only. But it is surely not a final stage, there are much smaller particles in the micro world!   ;)