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SB-250 question

Started by Ken S, March 19, 2016, 02:05:13 AM

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Ken S

I have had mixed results with the SB-250, and am trying to optimize my technique. With the SG-250, heavy grinding pressure is encouraged, although not essential. I have found that in agreement with Tormek's advice that a light touch works better with the SB-250.

I was puzzled by both Tormek's short video about the SB and Alan Holtham's short video on grinding stones to see the SB used with a rapid feed. I am accustomed to a slower rate of feed. has anyone noticed any difference this way?

My latest sharpening with the SB-250 (my Chinese cleaver) went very well with the SB. I made one slow pass with the SB graded fine and the knife was sharp. (It was not very dull to begin with.)

I welcome advice from successful SB-250 users. I am already using the stone grader frequently.




I thought you may know what abrasive the grindwheels are made of, as it is not stated in Tormek manual and website:
SB is silicon carbide, and SG - aluminium oxide, isn't it?

Ken S


Just replaced my standard wheel, which I have been using for a year on a professional basis on chefs Carving knives used in high volume carverys that slice on to a metal surface rather than on a board and also their utility knives that are used on a board.
I have loved the results so far. I will keep you posted as to how much difference there will be with the SB250.
Ref. Speed
Ref. Technique
Ref. Sharpness
I will trial and error on this and look upon it as an experiment.
Please be patient for results.
( The Knife Grinder )

Ken S

Good thoughts, Bob.

We learn from experimenting. Please post your results.