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Simple adjustment of the grinding angle

Started by Dutchman, April 14, 2014, 07:45:09 PM

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Quote from: cbwx34 on May 06, 2023, 05:05:11 PMNice work!

No real difference though... only to where you measure the Projection Distance.  Everything else comes out the same. ;)  (Just add 6mm to your answer.)

Most of the process... the measuring, data entry, etc., were simply designed for ease of use.  For example, it's easier to measure (and maybe understand?) the Projection Distance from a solid point (the Stop Collar) vs. using a special device or "guessing" where the center is.  (Although to be fair, some used a "special device" anyway.)  The "math" is done behind the scenes, and all is based on Dutchman's work.

It would be interesting, instead of the random shapes you used... to apply it to something like the SE-77.  I think if a wide variety of jigs were used, there might be some validity to having a device that "automatically" measured "f".

I looked at the actual calculator... impressive the work done to recreate the SVM-45.

Hi cbwx,

The first time I got SVM-45, it also confuse me.  I can't find its rotating center until I saw the knife jig you made.  Your idea show the clarity of rotating center.

I modify SVM-45 a bit in diagram, soldering a piece of metal on it.  You will see how similar they are.

I can not get the point without your nice jig. ;)

Sorry Ton, maybe I am out of topic.  But I think this picture can show rotate center.  No matter what kind of jig.  When it bound on USB, the rotating center should be USB center.  No exception!



I modified diagram for SVM-45 & SE-77

SVM-45 Calculator

SE-77 Calculator

I add Chord-tangent angle to SE-77 version. If you didn't use chord angle as second bevel, set blade thickness (t) as 0.