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Up to date views on the planar bade jig

Started by Rob, February 14, 2013, 10:23:25 PM

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Hi folks

I'm agonising about buying the jig. My 12" planar knives are blunt as hell in my planar/thicknesser (jointer for the US contingent) and I've only ever used a service before.  The maths is easy, jig costs round £125 here and it costs around £20 to get my three knives ground as a service. So it will have paid for itself after circa five cycles

The only reason for the decision agony is based on research and feedback I've gleaned from the usual online sources

Bottom line, it seems to have a reputation of being fiddly and time consuming to setup and use. I'd appreciate feedback from this community of actual current users to set the record straight if possible.  Changing planar knives is fiddly enough as it is so I don't want to end up having the sharpening being a three hour chore on top. One hour I don't mind

Input would be appreciated.

Best.    Rob.