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Tormek jigs

Started by Ignatius, January 10, 2011, 12:52:14 AM

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I am considering trying to set up a Kalamazoo 48" belt grinder to a treadle sewing machine table (as a variable speed motor),   I would like to use the Tormek jigs to guide my woodcarving chisels.  Can anyone think of why this would be problematic?  Do you think this would work?   Ignatius


Could I get a comment from Jeff Farris?

Jeff Farris

Seems workable to me. The BGM-100 and a little ingenuity should work fine.
Jeff Farris

Ken S

Ignatius,  does your Kalamazoo belt grinder have its own motor, or will you be using the sewing machine motor?  The real question is, is the motor you want to use compatible with variable speed?  if so, no problem.

If not, you might switch the pulleys to slow the speed.  That's what I did with my old Dayton belt grinder.  It came with a 3" drive pulley and an 1 1/2" driven pulley.  I switched both to 2 1/2" which slowed the belt speed to about a third.  It is slower to use, but more controllable.

Your belt grinder rig would be more apt to overheat your chisels if not used carefully.  However, changing grits would be very fast.

Steve Bottorff ( shows a belt grinder modified to slow speed with a DC motor.  The rig is designed to sharpen celery cutting knives in the field.