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15" planer blades

Started by jimh, October 25, 2010, 01:29:26 AM

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I have two sets of 15" blades to sharpen. The first set (Freud) went quite well. A moderate amount of dishing was eliminated in short order and the blade are ready for use. The other set from Makita started well and then it became difficult to move from right to left (left to right was fine). I used some auto polish/wax and that helped for a short while.
Can someone help solve the problem?


Hi Jim,

When I experienced something similar it was in both directions and I used a bit of mineral oil on the track. Since then I put a drop of it every time before I start using jig and it works fine. If is happening in one direction only check to see if your stone doesn't need truing or  maybe the amount of material you want to grind is too much for one end of the knife?