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Ken, Thank you for the many useful posts. I have been a professional finish carpenter and cabinetmaker for almost fifty years, but I am totally new to Tormek system. I just received my T8 and will use it for the first time this weekend, having studied many online videos and this community forum in preparation. My primary use for T8 will be sharpening chisels and plane irons. After my preliminary research, it appears to me that adding a second US would be completely sensible for me, as I would leave one set up vertically for the stone and the other horizontally for the honing wheel. Given the similar grinding angles needed for most of my edge tools, my understanding is that I could just make a setup block to make it simple to replicate the blade edge projection from SE-77 and then be able to set matching angles for both grinding and honing by setting the micro adjuster to each US appropriately to the diameter of the respective wheels. (I will be using SG-250 and CW-220.) I understand that from time to time, as SG-250 wears down, I will need to adjust my settings and possibly the setup block, but that the settings can remain coordinated at any time so that there need be no resetting of micro-adjusters or wasted time other than at relatively infrequent intervals. Does it sound like I've come to the correct conclusions about how to proceed efficiently? Finally, if you agree with my plan to add a second US, it seems that investing in US-430 would be the most economical move in the long run, as I am sure that I will enlarge my scope of jigs and uses as I become more familiar with the T8. Other than the few extra dollars of the initial purchase, is there any downside whatsoever to buying US-430 as a second support rather than a second US-105? Thanks. I'm looking forward to becoming proficient and getting the most from my new Tormek.