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Quote from: Richard Brand on September 09, 2014, 03:59:55 AM
Nice work!  From information on the web, it seems that Global knives should be sharpened to 11.5 degrees but my Tormek template only starts at 15 degrees.  Any help you can give much appreciated!
I proposed an accurate and simple method of adjusting the grinding angle, including 10 degrees.
Hello Ken,
You refer to certain postnumbers which I would like to read.
How do I find or search these posts?
I don't see where and how the posts are numbered.
Thanks Ken.
I was wondering if my method would attract proper attention.
Your answer completely reassured me.
Thanks.  :)
I started with this method in august 2013. I calculated the settings with a hand-calculator.
It turned out that it was indeed easier than the method described in the handbook, once you know the settings.
Then I made a spreadsheet to generate a table and made some notes for a report.
Last december I made all the tables and the document.
Recently I decided to share it with the Tormek community.

Regarding 'results', there is nothing to show. It works fine.
I can not report on 'efficiency' because I use the grinder only for my own tools and knifes as hobby, not for my profession.

By the way, I added a note to Table 4 (Stone diameter 220mm) that it can also be used for the honing wheel.  ;)
The documents have been updated.
I have developed a method for simple adjustment of the grinding angle with the knife jigs SVM-45 and SVM-140.
Coarse adjustment is done by setting the distance of the universal support to the stone in steps of 5mm.
The fine adjustment is done with the adjustable stop of the knife jig.
The required adjustments for a certain grinding angle are listed in tables.
Tables are made for stone diameters from 240-180mm, in steps of 10mm

The method is documented in PDF-files which can be downloaded from Dropbox:
• "Grinding angle adjustment Booklet.pdf" should be printed two-sided on A4 paper.
  You can then staple and fold it as an A5-booklet. It should also fit on 'US legal' size.
• "Grinding angle adjustment A5 serial.pdf" , is the A5 serial version, for storing in iBooks on iPad.
  This document is also attached at the end of this message

At the request of "cbwx34" I developed mathematics for use with its robust "jig-fix" as published on
The new formulas can also be used to choose a different reference point for the distances than the center of the jig's stem, which is unclear and inconvenient.
As a result, the setting of the sharpening angle can be determined more accurately.
Some measurements were also made from which possible sources of error appeared.
The new document is titled "More math for the Tormek grinder"
You will find the documents in the public folder "Tormek-T7 grinder": on DropBox on OneDrive
The new documents are:
    • "More math for the Tormek grinder A5 serial.pdf", serial version for tablet
    • "More math for the Tormek grinder booklet.pdf", A5 booklet to print on A4
  This document is also attached at the end of this message
    • "USB adjustment table.ods", spreadsheet to generate the new table

New tables, useful for Knife Jig KJ-45

With the new Self-centering Knife Jig KJ-45, the projection distance can no longer be adjusted, due to the lack of the adjustable stop. My tables, however, were based on coarse adjustment with the USB and fine adjustment with the adjustable stop. These are therefore no longer usable with the KJ-45.

Forum member Perra has created a spreadsheet to generate other tables useful for the KJ-45.
You measure the projection-distance (between stop and knife edge) and the table gives you then the correct USB distance to the stone for a certain grinding angle.
The stone diameter is one of the parameters to be set

cbwx34 added the link of available calculators: Knife Sharpening Calculators

Benjamin Hung "benhung" has made a graphical representation of the relationship between the various parameters. This will give you a good understanding of how it works. The values of the set parameters are displayed and can therefore also be used as a calculator for the grinding angle.
You will find the message on:,5254.msg38240.html#msg38240
and the graphics on
Finally, Benjamin has posted an extensive and amusing explanation in this topic at,1849.msg38339.html#msg38339

Attached documents