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Very nice Steve,

The sign of a great tool or machine is that it can be rebuilt to near new condition.

I have a honda lawn mower (which has not been used in 5 years)  One year my wife ran it dry on oil and it seized.
Everyone I called said that they do not rebuild mower engines.
But when I said it was a Honda,  I found that almost everyone was willing to rebuild that engine.

I also got my Tormek used.  I bought the parts that Jeff recomended and the unit works as good as new.  In my opinion, which is highly valued (especially by me)

Good or Great machines or tools have parts available and is worth buying a used one as you can fix it up to like new.

Jeff,  do not argue with this, it is a compliment

General Tormek Questions / Re:Knife jigs?
February 22, 2006, 01:22:53 AM
It sounds like his dealer is not  going to be very helpful in doing anything but take his money.

Poor customer service ruins the reputation of many a great tool.
General Tormek Questions / Re:Wheel Runout?
August 21, 2005, 06:59:04 AM
I can not imagine truing the stone and have it take less than 30 minutes (sometimes longer)   Including setup and clean up.  I guess I take longer than you because I do not operate the sharpener near as often as you do

But the police will have no sense of humor if they stop me and do a tox-screen and find that I should not be behind the wheel while on these narcotics

Hello Ed

I also am disabled.  I thought about setting up a bench in the back of my mini van and go house to house or be like the roach coach and just stop in at restaurants and groceries.

But the high doses of opiates that the drs have me on, my wife will not allow my to do this.  I do live on a very major street and thought of putting a sign on the back of my fence and take drop offs.

I think I do a great job, but wonder if someone else would think so.

So here I sit doing nothing

General Tormek Questions / Re:Magnets in the Water
August 12, 2005, 07:24:36 AM
I would tape it onto the bottom but it kept being pulled off by the frame when I would put the trough in place.

What I did do that works fantastic is, I put the magnet in a 2x3" plastic ziplock bags.  I then take out the magnet and rinse the bag or just replace it.

I have thousands of the bags, I used them in the business I closed and have more than I will ever use.

I bet you can get some on ebay inexpensively
General Tormek Questions / Re:sharpening drill bits?
January 18, 2005, 04:55:47 AM
Get the Drill Doctor
I got one a couple months ago and it was sitting on the counter still in the box.
Yesterday, I got one of my drill bit indexes out to do a remodeling job here in the house.  So I brought out the Drill Doctor.

It is everything they say it is, at least for the twist drills.  I did not try any carbide or other type bit.  But I was every bit as impressed with the Drill Doctor for drill bits as I am with the Tormek for EVERYTHING ELSE.

It was less than $60.00 on sale.
General Tormek Questions / Re:Baby Knife Jig?
October 03, 2004, 09:20:09 PM
That would be the most popular jig they ever made.

I have two pocket knives and the sharpness of them is of pride to me.  When one needs sharpening I switch to the other.    

The only reason I got two is I thought I lost one, whereas I left it at my daughters apt.  So I bought another.

I would purchase the very first one made.

I have had to modify my 45 jig by grinding down the extra metal on the jig that gets in the way of sharpening my short knives.
General Tormek Questions / Re:New User
May 25, 2004, 06:28:27 AM
If you have any old hard drives lying around, try taking one apart and remove the magnets at the opposite end of the arm holding the heads.

These are some of the strongest magnets you can find and if you were just going to throw away the drive then they are free
It would seem to me that a stone that is out of round or not squared at the axel, should be found at final inspection and rejected and reworked.
Or is Tormek relying on the customer to rework the stone for them and if so do they even have a final inspection station before boxing up the unit
I will trust you on that,  I can not picture how you can be assured that they will all be exactly the same.  
But I have no reason to doubt you even though I do not understand it
Quote from: Ed on April 30, 2004, 04:10:46 AM
I was just thinking. How do you make sure that you get all three (or whatever amount of blades you use) blades to match each other.  
I wat just thinking,  couldn't Tormek make a  jig that will hold all three blades that each is offset just a small amount, so that you could mount all three blades in the jig and you could sharpen all three at the same time and be assured of an exact matching set of blades.

I am speculating, I have no idea if it is possible
Although I have not sharpened those yet.  I feel safe in saying that something is not Kosher.

I was just thinking. How do you make sure that you get all three (or whatever amount of blades you use) blades to match each other.  
thanks    I check the horizontal and I do not think it was as bad as the other.   I will double check it when I get back out to the shop and let you know
Is there no answer for this.
Why is it so hard to get my Micro-adjust Universal Tool Support to fit into my support base?
The support base is in excellant condition.
OK, I just went out and checked everything between my new and old one.  The treaded leg of the one I modified if a little smaller in diameter.  
I took the new unit and put the legs into each base support hole and each one slides into each support without a problem, but I did find that the legs are a little farther apart than my old one.  That seems to be the problem, NOW what is my course of action.  Do I return it, if possible, and will another be any different than what I have now.  Or do I grind down one of the legs??

I figure it should be the unthreaded leg, I am just trying to figure out if I should grind the inside or outside of the leg, or both sides.    Do I use the tormek for this or do I use wet-dry sandpaper to reduce the entire diameter of the leg?

What do you guys think?