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Thanks for the feed back. I watched parts of the video including the ceramic part. Will be watching the entire video once I get the T8. I'm thinking both the fine and very fine diamond will be my choices for ceramic sharpening. As for ceramic vs iron, I believe we will be seeing other elements, compounds, and mixtures used in knives as time goes on. Similar to the iron skill now days being coated, internal combustion engine (ice) to electric, and now ceramic is slowly developing a spot in the market. I would like to be able to sharpen and repair everything that can be. My wife loves her ceramic knives and yet I can't sharpen them. Times past, I sold Kyocera ceramic knives at my sharpening stand until I realized I wouldn't see these customers, anytime in the near future,  again. They seem to hold there edge for a long time. Yes, like the dinner plates in my cup board the ceramic knives are breakable. Iron or stainless steel can be damaged too. I'd like to be able to restore both along with future blades.
I'm close to pulling the trigger for purchasing a T-8 Tormek with diamond wheels for sharpening ceramic knives. I've searched this forum for this topic here with no luck. It takes diamond to sharpen ceramic knives, hence thinking of the Tormek with there diamond wheels. Has anyone had any success with T-8 diamond wheels and ceramic knives? Of the three diamond wheels, which would you recommend?
General Tormek Questions / Re: Prices
March 21, 2022, 08:08:34 PM
When I started sharpening knives 11 years ago, I charged $5.00 US+tx per knife, regardless of size from pocket knives to the chef knives. Today, I charge $6.50 US+tax per knife. When it comes to machetes and swords. I decide price after seeing them and the work involved. When your on a customer call and they want to figure how much they're going to pay for their knives. Explaining the price per inch is a pain. Price per knife is just simpler. I've considered raising my prices but with inflation on the rise, people will be giving up certain non-essentials. I'm worried knife sharpening will be considered non-essential, so raising my prices will only hasten the decision. What I'm wondering is what others charge for mail order pricing?