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@JohnHancock and @RickKrung thanks to you both for your contribution.
The inexperienced-user factor might have played a role here. As the rusty spots made me wonder if (enough) water was used during the sharpening process. Swarf normally is separated from stone and water by the magnet attached to the water reservoir. With regard to the set-up, it is a standard T8. With the standard jigs.

I have been in touch with Tormek. The helpful guy I was in touch with, and his colleagues that got the images forwarded, haven't ever seen this type of stone deformity.. ever. Period.

So I guess this will remain a mystery.
Thanks everyone for thinking along. And big thanks to the TT50.
Thanks everyone for answering. I'll sent the photo's to

There is some staff working in the shop. But no one seems to know anything about this...
And with regard to scissor sharpening, I don't think they have the jig. Will get into this though.

Will update in case Tormek has a clarification.
Dear all,

The father of a friend of mine runs a fish shop. He owns a T8 to keep his knives sharp on a level required to his profession. They actually sparked me both to get my own T8 for sharpening the tools I use for my profession as a carpenter. In the end somehow I happen to sharpen mostly 'tools' of friends and family. Not a problem, they are welcome and off-topic.

The stone he sharpens on is SG-250. Somehow, but above all mysteriously, something has happened to his stone. In a span of week it was totally disgraced/ demolished as can been seen on the attached photos. I had to take off about 3-4mm to get it back in shape again, returning it back to him as a SG-241.

Has anyone any idea what might have caused this unwheeling, or has anyone ever seen this sort of deformity that can explain to us what might have happened to it. Not to blame or finger point, just to learn. I really cant get my head wrapped round it, it's kinda driving me crazy.


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General Tormek Questions / Re: SJ-250 truing
December 06, 2020, 01:04:24 PM
Thanks for the links to the both of you. Will have a look them later today.

I have a 1000grid diamant plate, all the way from PRC, in my kitchen draw. Can I use that instead of the nagura stone.
I think I saw someone doing this in a video that I came across while ago.
General Tormek Questions / SJ-250 truing
December 05, 2020, 09:27:20 PM
Hi there. I am new to the Forum. Over a decade living in Belgium now. Professionally occupied as interior renovator and cabinet maker for about three years now. I have a couple of kids, play volleyball, shoot airguns for fun, etc.

Currently I use a Tormek T8 from a friend of mine. I bought the Japanese stone in addition to the SG on the machine to achieve mirror sharp chisels.
With the TT50 I trued the SG stone parallel tot the USB. Is this something one does with the SJ too? Or is this a no-go?

A second question. I read about the JS having a brittle/ chippy edge. I found sometimes it's advised to round up the edge a bit.
Is this really required and how would one advise practically rounding up the edge?