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Hello fellow members,

On my jig, prior to 1st use I noticed that the pivot pins were set rather loose and movement in a vertical plane could be detected with the support legs held against the base plate of the jig.  Is this normal?

I suspect that if the jig was used as factory set would cause the planer blades to be convex when sharpened.  Is this the case?

I have now adjusted and lubricated the pivot pins with some white grease such that there is now NO detectable movement other that of the required rotational movement of the support legs relative to the jig base.

The jig is used on a new Tormek T7 grinder and planers blades are a set of  three 10" HSS that are to be sharpened.

Any other additional advice regarding the use of this jig would be appreciated. 

Kindest Regards,  Taylon