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I use my Tormek SuperGrind 2000 with the SVD186 and a diamond wheel to sharpen my bowl gouges. I recently puchased an 8" set of CBN wheels mounted on a slow-speed grinder and a BGM-100. The reason I bought the BGM-100 was to be sure that I would match the grind from my Tormek with the 8" grinder. I have installed the BGM-100 on a plywood platform and have attempted to follow the instructions in the manual provided with the BGM-100. Unfortunately the result was that there isn't a direct match of angles between the Tormek and the 8" grinder/BGM-100. I use the TTS-100 to set both the Tormek and the 8" grinding wheels up, but they don't yield the same result. I assume it has something to with the mounting of the BGM-100 in relation to the 8" grinding wheels but I don't know what to change to correct the problem since I believe I followed Tormek's instructions when mounting the BGM-100. Does anyone know what the solution is?
I own 2 Tormek diamond wheels for my SuperGrind 2000. I have the following questions:

1. I noticed some grayish lines on the 600 grit wheel which I use most often - to sharpen turning tools. I assume these are due to steel residue which remains on the wheel. What is the best way to clean Tormek diamond wheels to get this residue off?

2. Since I have both a 300 and 600 grit wheel and don't use the leather honing wheel, is there a way to mount both the diamond wheels simultaneously, installing the 300 grit wheel in place of the leather honinge wheel?