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Knife Sharpening / Uh oh - this can't be good...
February 07, 2019, 08:28:05 PM
Fired up the Jap stone today and after polishing for about 3 - 4 mins, I noticed of my marker mark was not being removed on the heel of the knife, but was everywhere else. I checked the truing and the right side was out of true. I've only used this stone one knife...So, I looked in this forum to make sure the truing tool can be used on the Jap stone and saw Mr. Farris had said, "yes". So, I took a tiny bit off the top. Once I got to that side of the stone, I could hear and feel the raised portion much more. It was working great, but at the end, there was a pop and I saw chunks come off. This is what it looks like now...What now?

Knife Sharpening / Sharpening Basics using a T8
February 06, 2019, 09:46:31 PM
I've watched every video on YouTube I can find on sharpening basics with a Tormek. Sadly, most of the videos are either short and lack detail or flat out incorrect and go against what the manual states. So, I'm on a search for some instructional materials.

Quite simply, I'm a newb to sharpening and want to understand what it is I am supposed to be doing instead of grinding away. I've gotten my technique down pretty well. First few blades were brutal with divots and inconsistent bevels. I'm good now, but the blades I have managed to get sharp are not very sharp. Perhaps some of the pros on here can help with some basics.

As I understand it, on an already profiled blade where I am just sharpening it, my goal should be to create an even burr on one side the full length of the blade with the 220 grit stone, then flip it over and do the same. From there, take it to the strop wheel to gently remove the burr (I can see it coming off). This is what I have been doing, but it's not generating razor sharp blades. 

- Should I be taking the stone up to 1k before stropping?
- Is stropping even needed if I polish it with 1k?
- Where does the Japanese stone come into play? I have one, but have not broken it out yet.
- How do I know if it's not apexed? Looking at the edge, even with a magnifying glass, it's hard to tell.

Thank you

I'm ready to purchase a T-8, but I am in the initial stage of learning about different grinding materials for working on the higher end blades I have (S110V, S90v, M390, etc.). I'm not new to knives, but with a ton constantly on my plate, I've yet to even get kind of good at sharpening on my Sharpmaker. I typically just send them into the factory to be done.  :-( No more though. I'm jumping right in and want to get it down. So, yes, sharpening newb and I have some questions.

I've learned that the standard SG-250 is probably not the best stone for these harder materials so I wanted to ask the forum pros what I should be using. I see that a lot of people like CBN. Is that going to be better overall or should I just be looking at the Blackstone (SB-250) or the Diamond wheels?

I've gone through and searched a ton of threads, but it's leaving more questions for me.

Thank you!