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Topics - Peter Eaton

Knife Sharpening / Smiley!!
January 10, 2023, 11:26:43 PM
Hopefully someone can answer this. Not sure why but I got what I call a 'smiley' on a couple of blades yesterday.
By that I mean the grind was OK until the last section where the belly started to curve, then it widened and narrowed towards the tip. My fail as was tired and should have called it a day but we live and learn I guess.

So my thoughts are that I might have 'swept' the blades too much on the last portion on the grind possibly as opposed to keeping the edge square to the wheel , well if that make sense?

Thanks in advance
Knife Sharpening / CBN TIP
November 07, 2021, 11:51:05 PM
Having had issues with my CBN wheels taking longer to cut I learnt the other day they need cleaning and scrubbing.... :o

So I tried the normally methods such as paraffin, wire brushing etc but was not too impressed.

I then realised I had just bought some 'fallout spray' for my car alloys / paintwork. This stuff is based on Oxalic acid and it is designed to react with tiny steel particles such as brake dust... ever seen those tiny rust spots on your car paint work and wondered what they were ?

So I sprayed my CBN wheels with the fallout spray...WOW! and instant reaction, the fluid went from clear to purple as it was reacting with the steel particles and dissolving them. I then scrubbed them like hell with a steel brush and rinsed.

Result!...the 400 grit wheel looked far far better and few CBN could be seen. The 1000 grit wheel was better but still smooth, though this might be due to is being broken in as such, hence I need to do a sharpening on it and see if it cuts OK.

The other thing I did was put both wheel as section at a time in my ultrasonic tank...that also brought yet more crud out of the surface.

I expect this will also be fine on diamond wheels as remember it it does hurt car paint work you will be fine.....

Just wear rubber gloves as it pongs if you get it on your skin...

Ken ...please move if in the wrong section...


Knife Sharpening / Scandi sharpening
October 05, 2021, 12:13:05 PM
Could anyone possibly give me some advice place on grinding Scandi grinds on a Tormek please as I have a pal over mine this eve with a box full of them!  :) ...he wants them doing this eve if time allows.

What I want to know is the best technique you guys have possibly figured for Scandi grinds, preferably a true Scandi grind with no micro bevel but I am not sure this is possible on a wheel..(normally I hand sharpen Scandi blades)

The knives are Mora's I think.

Any tips or video link most welcome , oh and I have a T8.

Much appreciated

General Tormek Questions / Work stations UK
May 27, 2021, 01:02:34 PM
Having seen some fantastic work stations on here which Tormek machines sit on at a good working height and additionally have all the tools in the drawers below, I wanted to ask if anyone from the UK has bought such a unit online , if so from where please?

I have had a look over the past few days but I am not having much look so thought it best to ask as I am sure someone will have found something suitable.

The other thing I wanted to as is what are folk using for lining the draws of a unit when they buy for keeping all the attachments safe?
Are there insert available from Tormek or are folk using special foams and cutting it themselves, if so what type of foam.

Thanks in advance.

Well I think I must have done something wrong on my first attempt at sharpening scissors as pretty bad vibrations when I tried sharpening. Should I use the supplied T8 stone?

Looking at previous posts I am wondering if it was because I used my CBN wheel?.....or because some of the modern scissor types are such hard steels?

Either way I quickly gave up.

Any thoughts welcome.


EDIT.... I just saw the previous post to mine , so I suppose I have my answer  :)
Having bought my T8 and using it to sharpen my handmade knives using CBN wheels and paper wheels to incredible edges I thought it about time I utilised the T8 in order to sharpen my drill bits.

I have gotten into the habit of throwing away blunt drill bits and buying new but that's obviously wasteful.

So are there any jigs I can make for sharpening drill bits please?

I know I can buy the Tormek jig but for the amount of drills I sharpen it would not be a viable option where costs are concerned.


Knife Sharpening / Front Vertical Base
November 27, 2019, 02:43:35 PM
Having seen many thread regarding FVBs , what is the reason or advantage when using this?

I have thought about making one but obviously if it isn't going to give me an advantage of the CBN / paper wheels I use at present would there be any point? Though I see it would negate the need to use the paper wheels which might be advantage where speed of work is important.

Could someone please give me a bit more information and does any one have any plans please, though I have seen the thread posted just before mine and below.

Just want to see all the alternatives and have the information before I decide to spend time making one.

Finally I was looking a the Tormek  small knife holder but before I buy one are the any alternatives/hacks or home made versions on here?

I am sure I will get both as a gadget whore  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D