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While I hate to start another hobby, I have been interested for a long time in making my own handsaws. Does anyone have any experience with toothing their own blades? I've been looking for a retoother to do this, but it seems like even Foley-Belsaw no longer makes them. I looked for 2nd hand units, but most are missing the ratchets and guide bars.

I'm curious if anyone on here has a solution. Is a custom die in a manual punch press a crazy solution?
I want to share a success I had with sharpening my plane irons.

First, a little background. I have been trying to do more and more of my work with hand tools. So far I am at about 40% and increasing every month. One area I never felt confident with was planing the surface of a glued up panel.

I had a real break through with my planes when I read a post on here about cambering the irons. I have been getting them really sharp, but was too focused on keeping the edges square. I finally decided to experiment with one of my small bench planes and camber it. The result is amazing. I now feel confident that I can hand plane the surface of my work rather than use the power planer (which leaves ripples that have to be sanded or scraped off). One more tool I can unplug!

Thanks community for all of this great knowledge and inspiration.

General Tormek Questions / Loud Motor Hum - Solved!
September 28, 2015, 11:48:55 PM
I've only had my T7 for a week or two, and at first it ran very quiet, but this past weekend I was working late into the night in my poorly lit garage and it was making a loud hum. I thought that was weird since it is so new. I gave up soon after and went to bed. The next morning I came back out and went to work again - this time, since it was day, I removed the magnet base lamp I had stuck to the T7 body the night before. The machine was once again whisper quiet! Magnet lamp on the T7 - loud. Magnet lamp taken off the T7 - quiet!

Looks like the magnet at the base of the lamp was powerful enough to interfere with the magnetic field inside the motor. Lesson learned.

Now, I just have to find (or make) a lamp with a post base that fits into one of the fitting holes on my T7. I'll keep you updated.