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For Germany and some other Countrys nearby i found the Us-430 is aviable at this online shop with a delivery time of 5 days.
Hello together.

First, my english is not the best and i hope iam understandable:-)

So Iam new to this Forum and i own a T8.

I have read a lot here and am thrilled, especially from the many improvements the Tormek has received from numerous members here.
I have the following question and hope that maybe a talented Tormek user will know advice.
I could not find a thread on this topic yet.It's about the grinding technique. I once took a video from forum member Wootz to explain my request. I hope that's ok and it's reasonably clear what I mean In this picture, the sharpening process starts straight and the knife is placed in this position on the stone. However, the blade is not the same ground all over the same surface, because the stone in the middle of the blade much longer drag on the edge than at the beginning and at the top.On the picture you can see the area of ​​the beginning of the blade, which does not rest on the grindstone for just as long and is ground as the center of the blade, marked in red. On this picture you can see the blade tip. At this point, the sander lifts the blade off the stone and ends the sharpening process. In order for the whole blade tip to be ground on the stone for the same length as the center, the tip would actually have to be ground to the end of the stone. Theoretically, the knife would have to have a tiny notch in the middle because it was cut longer than at the beginning and end At the top. If you sharpen the knife more often over the time a visible curve would arise.

Here is the link to the video

This should not be understood as criticism in any way on the grinding art of Wootz. On the contrary, I find the videos really interesting and instructive. Since this happens to me quite often with the dent in the middle I wanted to ask if that is normal :-) Theoretically you have to take a very thin stone to avoid it.