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Quote from: tgbto on July 12, 2024, 08:40:20 AMAnd for those who can't/won't spend that much on BESS hardware, a simpler approach with a cheap microscope and nylon wire (fishing line) can be a good burr detector : mark a point along the edge with a sharpie, set the wire down on a board, align the wire and the sharpie mark, cut the wire using a downward-only (not rocking) movement, ideally not all the way through the wire, and check the spot under the microscope. A dent in the blade will be an excellent indicator of a burr remaining along the apex.

All for under 20 bucks. Easily made even better with a support that will hold the wire taunt an inch above the board while cutting.

Like the BESS tester this only gives you a sense of a burr for one spot. I find that slowly cutting a thermal receipt along the entire blade you can feel if there is a burr. I hold the handle with thumb and a finger for sensitivity. I have not had one customer that has not commented later on how sharp their knives were.
I think honing with a jig gives you a consistent angle over the entire blade. It also allows you to do 1.5° over the sharpening angle with regular steels. I think well practiced users can achieve good results handheld but I do not think it is consistently possible to get the angles needed for exceptional results.
Knife Sharpening / Re: Rock hard felt vs SJ-250
June 22, 2024, 07:18:10 PM
When I want to go for a sharper edge I have been successfully using a dedicated leather wheel with 1µ diamond spray.
I have this knife but it gets used so rarely I doubt that it will see the wheel in my lifetime. I used it more when I lived in the Pacific Northwest and made gravlax with salmon I caught or bought of the boats. Now I live in the Midwest and salmon is exorbitantly priced. I may give brisket a try this Summer.
Knife Sharpening / Re: Thoughts on the KS-123 class
June 09, 2024, 10:51:43 PM
I am still waiting for mine to arrive. I plan on watching the video again before I use it. Looks pretty easy though. I want to find a good projection distance for most knives and leave the settings alone aftr that. Having 2 support bars will help with sharpening and honing.
Ken in your sharpening do you notice any difference when using self cneering as opposed to the original style>
You should also be aware that the BESS score can be influenced by testing technique. I never bothered to get one of the machines but instead used Vadim's equivalency testing methods to see where my edge is.

We also need to be aware that chasing extremely sharp edges is only part of the battle. At some point you need to actually use the knife in real world situations. What I found is that maintaining a useable edge is key to long term satisfaction. I keep thermal receipts handy to test my knives to see if they need some work. This is equivalent to about 300 BESS which is where many knives are new out of the box. The people I sharpen for are happy. I do have a spare leather wheel that has only been used with 1µ diamond spray. This yields an exceptionally sharp edge.
Knife Sharpening / Re: New angle jig KS-123
May 27, 2024, 08:23:49 PM
Quote from: tcsharpen on May 24, 2024, 03:29:56 AMMy KS-123 arrived today. I first set up to sharpen a kitchen knife using the KJ-45 jig with the KS-123. After getting it all adjusted, I then measured the projection and entered the values into Calcapp which said the USB height should be 88.6mm. Measuring this after the angle setter was used yielded 88.7mm.  I'd say this is well within specs of my inexpensive digital caliper used to take the measurement.

Even the first setup was quick after having watched the Tormek video.

Great to hear. I have 2 support bars so for knives I will be setting one for honing and one for sharpening. I will use my jig for setting the projection distance on each knife. Going this the new KS-123 won't be used too much unless someone wants a different angle.

I then used the angle setter to set the honing angle to 1 degree greater. Simple, with great results.
If you are going to get the KS-123 and use Tormeks adapter or a FVB having both the stock support and the extended one will save you some time. You rarely need the extra length but I have the longer bar set up on the grinding side and the stock wheel on the leather wheel side. This wat I don't have to move or adjust anything as I try and use the same projection distance when possible.
Knife Sharpening / Re: New angle jig KS-123
May 22, 2024, 08:29:47 PM
I like that you can also use it on the leather wheel. I have been honing at 1.5° more than sharpening angle and this tool will make setup easy. Keeping a constant projection distance between knives means multiple knives with no support bar adjustments.
I will give the toothbrush a try. I do not use the paste very often and it seems to work fine.
General Tormek Questions / Re: Newbie here....
May 07, 2024, 08:46:08 PM
Watch the videos and practice. I would start with a chisel or a knife (not your best) to get a feel for the machines operation. Avoid dollar store knives; they are hard to sharpen as it is difficult to remove the burr as they are often very soft. A good test for sharpness are receipts.
Ken I was curious how you are doing. I hope you are feeling better.
General Tormek Questions / Re: Left handed stone
April 15, 2024, 11:22:43 PM
People do not understand how many little things are built for righty's
If I recall correctly I thought sharpening away created a more pronounced burr. If so this would make it easier for the less experienced to detect the burr along the entire edge. I think this can be a struggle for those just starting out. I like to develop a consistent small burr that I check with a loupe. Seems to make each knife go a little faster.