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Messages - Thomas at MORAKNIV

Knife Sharpening / Re: Scandi grind - mystery revealed
February 01, 2017, 12:58:40 PM
I guess there is some cunfusion regarding the grindings and the edges and I might be able to spread som light in this issue.
First, dont confuse ordinary "Scandi Grind" (used on 90% of our construction workers and outdoor knives) with "Scandi Grind Zero" (used on carving and whittling knives).
Ordinary Scandi Grind ALWAYS has a smal secondary bevel. In our factory we use different methods on different blades but the result is similar - to make the edge stronger, less voulnerable and get a better edge retention. This is the way we have been making knives for 126 years now so I think we can claim the right to tell what is what when it comes to our knives ;)
This is the purpose of the leather wheel on your TORMEK grinder, like stroping, to deburr and create a sharp, strong and durable edge.

Some European, American and Asian knife manufacturers has a 1-5mm high "secondary bevel" and that is NOT Scandi Grind, even if the rest of the blade looks like it would be.

One more thing to keep in mind that often causes missunderstandings: Primary grinding = secondary bevel and secondary grinding = primary edge.
This is depending on point of view; from a production angle or from a user view.
/Thomas at MORAKNIV