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Chisel Sharpening (deceptive titles)

Started by cbwx34, June 10, 2024, 04:04:40 PM

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I don't usually just post links to videos, but ran across these and thought the titles were a bit deceptive... he actually does a decent job of going thru all the steps for sharpening a chisel...

... and on to the SJ stone...

... so thought I'd pass them along!
Knife Sharpening Angle Calculator:
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Ken S

Good videos, CB. Sedge and Big D are entertaining. Sedge's technique is solid, although he could pick up a few minor pointers from the online classes such as softening his grinding wheel corners and cleaning his SJ.

I believe youtube picks the titles. I generally try to ignore them. I would guess I do not finish almost half of the Tormek related or vaguely youtubes. Sedge's videos make the cut. (Being half New Englander, I also enjoy his Boston accent. :)