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Japanese chisel challenge

Started by guitar_edg, May 20, 2024, 02:31:33 AM

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Hi All,

Edit: The answer looks to be the SVS-38, which I have.

I have a set of Japanese chisels, with short shafts.  Currently working with the 1/4" chisel.  35deg grind.

1) The shaft is so short that I can not use the angle gauge, because it runs into the jig.  So, I am eye balling it.

2) Due to the short shaft & low angle, I can only use part of the wheel, as the jig "hinge" rubs on the wheel.  I figure I can use just the one side, and then flatten the wheel. 

Any obvious issues here I am missing?




The MB-102 helps greatly and allows you to use the side of the grindstone. 
Rich Colvin - a reference guide for sharpening

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