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Planer jig price

Started by Hat, April 24, 2024, 06:38:06 AM

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Does anybody have a line on the Tormek planer jig #TOR-SVH320? It's 258.00 US. Looking for a lower price. Did find one $220.00 and that's in England but to me that's is still steep. Or should I bite the bullet and just get it. Any ideas


You can buy it for about €122 ($130) in Sweden but then shipping, VAT and customs costs to the USA are added so it might not be worth it. I am posting some links.

Ken S

The planer jig is one of the very few jigs I have purchased used (or already purchased) off of ebay. As it turned out, the blades on my "lunchbox" planer are not designed to be sharpened, so I have never used it. Others may have had the same experience and may want to sell.
(In case you are thinking it, I am keeping mine for reference in answering forum questions and am not interested in selling.)
Good luck.



I guess I will bite the bullet and spend the money. The one in England is $220. With free shipping to the States.