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Just got my T1 - question about it getting warm

Started by tedv, January 31, 2024, 04:38:47 PM

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Hi, just got my T1. I already have a T7 ( ~ 15 years old ).
So all is fine with the machine. Sharpened a few knives and its much more convenient than setting up the T7, and having to grade the stone every time between knives (going from 220 to 1000).
Edges are good - they're a bit more coarse and have more 'bite' than a finished & polished edge on the T7 but that is expected.

I noticed that the device gets a bit warm after a few knives - is this normal?


Ken S

Welcome to the forum, Ted.

Excellent reply, Tgbto.

Mats is my "go to guy" in support. He is very smart, dedicated, and his employee number is 5! He has been with Tormek for thirty five years and I am sure has done every job in the shop.

In addition to the general purpose, "do everything" models (the T8 and T4), over the years Tormek has produced a series of specialty models for sharpening knives. Until the T1, these were all designed for commercial use by chefs and restaurants. The T2 is the latest rendition of these models, utilizing the new diamond wheels and composite honing wheel technology, as well as a special new angle setting guide.

The T1 is the first model designed specifically for home cooks. This serves the needs of a very large niche of users, the home cook. Whereas the general purpose models must routinely tackle very dull or damaged knives, most of the time the T1 will be used in the kitchen to maintain tip top sharpness for the users knives. As demonstrated by Samuel, Tormek's CEO, he keeps his T8 in his garage and his T1 in his kitchen. He chooses to do touch up honing before every cooking session. His knives are very sharp. I met Samuel last August. He is a caring, methodical person and the condition of is knives reflects this.

I would not be concerned with the warmth of your Tormek. After initial sharpening, regular touch ups will be quick and give you very sharp knives.



Ken S


I just received this from support:

"Yes the T-1 gets very hot. It is noting to worry about. It is the nature of the small shaded pole motor.
The are bullet proof but create a lot of heat.
All motors have a heat protection circuit that steps in if the motor overheats."