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The "Tormek T-1 Florentine Vibrant"

Started by cbwx34, November 15, 2023, 05:20:03 PM

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Tormek T-1 Florentine Vibrant - A Colorful Collab
You sharpen with your eyes first. That's why Tomer Botner, founder of the Barcelona-based knife-making studio @FlorentineKitchenKnives, have created a handle for the Tormek T-1 in his distinctive, colorful style.
The vibrantly colorful handle contrasts the machine's subtly industrial design and makes it an eye-catching addition to any kitchen. Complement it with a matching Florentine Kitchen Knives paring knife with a striped handle from the same carefully selected palette.
Florentine Kitchen Knives has long used Tormek's water-cooled sharpening system in the production of their high-end knives. This time instead it is Tomer's eye for design and Florentine Kitchen Knives' genuine craftsmanship that has resulted in the Tormek T-1 Florentine Vibrant. The handles are randomly assembled from a specific palette, which means that no two machines are identical but have their own fingerprint. The collaboration has also been immortalized by stamping both brands' logos into the fully cast zinc housing.
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Ken S

It took me a while, but only a little while, to warm up to the T1 Florentine Vibrant. I am essentially a plain vanilla, practical person. However, as a lifelong photographer, I do appreciate good artistic design. I like the clean design of the Florentine knives and oak Tormek T1 handle. I can see them fitting in well in high end home kitchens. (Not my humble kitchen, but I can still admire the artistry.)