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chefs and knife sharpening

Started by Ken S, November 15, 2023, 04:56:10 PM

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Ken S

I dislike referring to a forum comment when I cannot locate the original comment. In this case, I will make an exception. The comment was about chefs using knife sharpening services. The link to this video expresses my thought in the first minute or two. (The entire video is well worth watching; however, just the first small part will give you my thought.) Here is the link:

I believe most chefs form the attachment with their knives craftsmen/artists have with their tools. They may prefer to use their personal knives and either sharpen them themselves or have a trusted assistant do it for them. In the past, there were few suitable sharpening options for a fastidious chef with little sharpening training. I believe the T2 offers a practical solution. Fine knives are expensive and are critical for a fine chef.

I believe the T2 fills a need for high end chefs, just as I believe the T1 can serve home cooks. My earlier comment about the T8 supplementing was unwise for this forum. "In partnership" would be a better choice of words. Both have strong points and are more versatile when combined with the other.