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jointer blade sharpening problem

Started by Marty, January 08, 2004, 07:42:41 PM

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  Is there a design flaw with the blade holder jig for sharpening jointer blades ?  I am trying to sharpen 5/8 inch wide blades (supposed to be able to sharpen minimum 1/2 inch width blades ) at a 30 degree angle,  and when I try to sharpen, the blade holder scrapes on the grinding wheel before the edge is sharpened even close.  My grinding wheel is not that old, only worn down about 3/8 inch from original diam.???

Jeff Farris

Are you sure that 30 degrees is the proper angle for your jointer blades?  That seems very thin.  Most are no less than 40 degrees.  Blades only 5/8" tall at an angle of 30 degrees would be very abnormal, and I would not be surprised at the interference your experiencing.
Jeff Farris