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The SE-77 and getting square

Started by tormek_novice, September 30, 2023, 05:15:44 AM

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Hey all,

I'm a new Tormek user, and trying to figure out how to use this thing properly.  I was reading some earlier threads on setting up the SE-77 to sharpen chisels and plane blades, trying to learn from trial and error.  As recommended, went out and bought the marples 3/4" chisel so as to not ruin more expensive tools on the road to Tormek mastery. 

Here's a small nugget I found: a recent video with one of the Tormek staff.  He demos using the SE-77 and how he achieves squareness.  He mentions the two adjustment screws at 16:40.  If you rely on the translation, as I do, they are referred to as the "mystical screws".  He makes it look easy, but it's been a better guide than some of the other demos I've seen:

One question:  Another poster had thought the SE-77 jig would automatically correct for squareness if an edge was not dead flat.  That's what I thought at first too...but that is not the case, correct? 

If an edge is not 90 deg. square, and you correctly setup the tool in the SE-77, all it will do is continue sharpening at the incorrect angle?  Thus, you need to make the adjustments with the fine adj. knobs to correct for it, then return the jig back to "default"? 

Ken S

Welcome to the forum, Kevin.

I have found the most useful instructional videos are those put out by Tormek on their youtube channel. These can be reached via They are available in several languages. The primary class fr chisels is number three. It covers chisels in depth, and is based on the SE-77. Here is a link to the English version:

Keep us posted.