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So many knives!

Started by John Hancock Sr, September 18, 2023, 03:20:28 AM

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John Hancock Sr

My sister in law brought over 15 knives yesterday for me to sharpen. All were in various stages of extremely blunt to needing reshaping! I think it gave me a taste of the life if a professional sharpener. They were all pretty ordinary supermarket knives so nothing special. One was a vintage carving knife with the rectangular bone handle that grandma used for her Sunday roast.

The wife keeps suggesting that I take my setup to the local market. After yesterday's marathon I think I will leave it to the professionals. Not that I was tempted, but it just confirmed my thought that it is not something I want to make a living from.

Ken S


I have what I like to call a concierge sharpening sideline. I have a select group of customers that I maintain. They all have pretty nice knives and it makes me a little side money but does not consume too much of my time. In the warm months I prefer to be out riding my motorcycle. I also found that a couple lessons in how to steel a knife helps keep them sharp longer.
Sharpen the knife blade
Hone edge until perfection
Cut with joy and ease

John Hancock Sr

My wife has far too many friends ;)