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Recent thoughts on the handbook, both in print and online

Started by Ken S, September 07, 2023, 04:59:44 PM

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Ken S

My first hardbound copy of the handbook, which came with my T7 in 2009, is well worn and full of underlining, hi-lighting, and margin notes. I have learned a lot from it. Since the advent of the online classes, I confess to spending a lot more time with the youtube classes than with the handbook.

My nine hour flight from Stockholm to Newark made me rethink my priorities. I can't sleep on airplanes. While United offered free excellent personal movie selection, I wanted to review what I had learned at Tormek. I pulled up the handbook loaded in the books program of my mini iPad. I was able to re read through most of the handbook. I discovered that more had changed over the editions than I had known. Many points of interest also demonstrated in the online classes were reinforced in the online version of the handbook. My iPad screen is backlit, which made reading easy when the cabin was darkened.

In good light, the printed version of the handbook is still the easiest to use. Flipping back and forth between pages is tedious with the online handbook.

My future study plan is to triple team. I will still study the online classes, including being part of the classes during presentation whenever possible. My mini iPad and copy of the handbook take up little space in my satchel. Neither requires Wi-Fi. Even after much study, the learning possibilities are still very fertile.