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"Other Stuff" You Can Do On A Tormek

Started by RickKrung, September 03, 2023, 06:24:05 PM

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The Tormek system is so versatile. I'm a maker/mod-er/fiddler and over the years have done all sorts of things with my Tormek that go beyond sharpening.  Currently, I am making some bamboo fly rods and have come to the stage of treating the snake guide feet, which means taking a supposedly "finished" stamped feet and thinning and fairing them so that when the silk thread is wrapped over to secure them that there is a smooth, aesthetic transition rather than a noticeable bump.  This task it typically done using files and sandpaper and often on some sort of fine grit grinder.

Top: As received, Middle: Flattened with hydraulic press, Bottom: faired using Tormek diamond wheels. 
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Hydraulic press.  I ground a raduis on the corner of an old HSS cutting tool so there would not be a sharp step at the transition. 
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Fairing on diamond wheel
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Rich Colvin - a reference guide for sharpening

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